Breathers is a dark comedy about the challenges of being a zombie. It’s like Fight Club meets Shaun of the Dead, only with the zombies as the good guys. For fans of Max Brooks’s The Zombie Survival Guide and zombie aficionados everywhere, a hilarious debut novel about life (and love) after death. Read Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament book reviews & author details and more at S.G. Browne’s ‘Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament’ is a fun read from a very.

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Check out the cover!! He has to live in his parent’s wine cellar, and he isn’t allowed to see or contact his daughter. Remove the pan from the heat and add the Palin, spooning sauce over it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Mar 24, Vanessa rated it really liked it. True, there’s no undead fight club or un dead models slouched over a dentist chair, but I like to think that there’s just enough black humor and strange facts to keep a little goth reader like myself happy – the information about formaldehyde in beauty products and heads in chicken-trays fell straight out of Mary Roach’s ‘Stiff’, and the subtle but amazing insertion of Oingo Boingo’s ‘Dead Man’s Party’ was like a party David Hornsby would have thrown if he had been a goth kid in high school.

You enjoyed dining on your mother’s breast meat and your father’s flank.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. My fifth star is broken this year. I have a lot of live concerts in my it My fifth star is broken this year. This was my first Zombie book, so I’m not sure how the others are, but this took the Zombie’s side, and showed us their point of view. Andy Warner is a zombiehaving reanimated after a fatal car wreck that killed his wife, orphaned his daughter, and left Andy disfigured and unintelligible. Oct 08, willaful marked it as dnf Shelves: I think Chuck Palahniuk has inspired about Let me flip to a random page of “Breathers” and see how long it takes me to find a lame joke Can you tell I was totally unimpressed with this book?


I brodne a hard time getting into this book. Of course these recipes are a joke. This book has it all – the blood and gore of typical zombie fare, but also romance who wouldn’t love a twenty-something hottie, even with the stitches at her wrists and throat, who happens to eat lipstick like it was going out of stylehumor I’m sorry, b Brownf was an impulse Amazon buy, recommended when I purchased a separate zombie anthology.

Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament

There is a tug-of-war Thanksgiving dinner scene between Andy, his father, and a cooked turkey that makes me laugh to this day when I think about it. I know this is weird since historically I’ve been fast and loose with high ratings, but this deficiency in me should not be taken as a reflection of the book. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer, uncovered, stirring occasionally, until the sauce is slightly thickened, 10 minutes. If you’re a flesh eating Zombie, then so be it!

Clean your Boehner thoughly, I can’t stress this enough. THis novel’s other saving grace growne that both genders can enjoy this book. It has recipes for “breather”, which is how zombies refer to the living for Pete’s sake. As he seeks to survive in a world that hates zombies, Andy must regularly consume formaldehyde while all he and every zombie really wants is to eat human fleshwhich is forbidden.

There’s more than a shade or two of Palhaniuk going on here, plus a little Christopher Moore. To deal with his feelings, Andy meets up with a support group who he begins to grow to love, especially a zombie called Rita. Browne takes a courageous stand and exposes the unfair treatment of Zombies everywhere. But “If you’ve never been dismembered or crushed or allowed to slowly disentegrate until you turn into chicken soup, then probably wouldn’t understand page Seriously, just go buy it.

Yeah, the zombies eat people. I get that his life sucks, but dude, really? Pretty good, it kind of lost it’s luster towards the end. But like a small percentage of the population, he reanimates as a decaying zombie. There are 3 major characters: Oh, that and maybe find out if there’s anything to that whole eating braaaaaaaaaaains thing Jul 16, AlcoholBooksCinema rated it really liked it Shelves: Some cope by meeting in AA-styled group sessions.


About Breathers For zombie aficionados everywhere, a hilarious debut novel about life and love after death. I actually really enjoyed a lot of things about this book.

Not all people who die become zombies, but when the selected few do rise as the undead they are ridiculed by society and despised by their families, who have to take them home again.

Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament – Wikipedia

Hysterical, profound and disturbing. Return the Boehner to the oven and continue to roast until an instant-read thermometer inserted in the thigh registers degrees F, about another 10 hours for a Boehner in the pound range.

It did have some vaguely serious story structure problems though. Yes, this is a book about zombies, not really based in reality. When you do wake up a zombie, where everything about you is the same, except for the fact you’re kind of decaying everyone who really loved you right before your death, suddenly hates your guts People mourn for you?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Andy, the main character, simply wants his life back, even if he is a member of the undead. Palins are best when shot fresh from a helicopter. Too bad, because I know the area it’s set in and would have been interested in reading it just for the local color. Do you have to be alive to have friends, get basic freedoms, fall in love?