the Zenza Bronica GS-1 single lens reflex camera and converts the GS-1 into a TTL (thru-the-lens) aperture-priority automatic exposure (AE) camera, powered. View and Download Zenza Bronica GS-1 owner’s manual online. GS-1 Digital Camera pdf manual download. Although instructions following are based on the GS-1 camera main body, the the Zenza Bronica GS-1, may we suggest that you read this instruction manual.

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Although I don’t think it’s a smart Idea to open this mmanual up, untill there’s absolutely no hope left. When the starting point, or arrow-mark appears, align it with the triangular start-mark on the right-top side of the film holder.

All, following shots will, of course, be normal. When S is set to the index, with the mirror lock-up switch lever, the lever will automatically return to N, with the next film advance and shutter cocking action.

Zenza Bronica GS-1 Owner’s Manual

The issue is very odd however, and it’s killing me. It is looking though that it’s repair time.

Shutter will be released, or 2. It should be rotated 2 or 3 times more, in order to take up any slack in the loaded film. Has special mount for mounting the SCA Adapter and, therefore, improves handling stability and makes integrated flash operations very easy.

Do you have a metered prism? Upon loading the batteries into the battery holder, insert the battery holder into the battery chamber of the camera main body and close the battery chamber cover with manuual finger.


Bronica GS-1 Speed Grip G instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

Discard batteries with leakage ys-1 corrosion and thoroughly clean out the battery chamber. Thus, extra film backs will let a single SQ-Ai do the work of several cameras.

Wait for this signal, especially at slow shutter speeds, before rotating the film-winding crank. This is because the electrical circuit is switched automatically so that shutter speeds are controlled with the shutter speed dials of the finders. Tamron ended production of GS-1 cameras and lenses in Junewith sales continuing until stocks were depleted [2].

Upon loading the film, rotate the film-winding crank until it stops to place the first frame into place for taking the picture. Film roll film; Close the back cover, by pressing it firmly against the base of the film back, as illustrated.

Intermediate shutter speed settings are possible for both diaphragm-priority and shutter-priority adjustments.

Speed Grip S Compact and lightweight accessory, which provides the Zenza Bronica SQ-Ai with shooting speed and handling ease comparable to the 35mm single reflex camera. Depth Of Field Tables Following the manual, I load the film back and attach to the camera. This will help you keep track of the film loaded in the film back, even when two or more film backs are used with different films.

Instructions are based on msnual waistlevel finder because of its popularity. TS, I recommended that before on that exact reasoning – I don’t think any of the electronic Bronicas will dry-fire except when in ME mode.

Bronica GS-1 instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

Remove the film holder and while preventing the loose film from unwinding, take out the take-up spool. The body weighs g. To attach the finder, align the front end of the finder with the front end of the finder frame on top of the main body, as manusl. To install the focusing screen, insert the protrusion at the rear end of the screen in a corresponding groove on the main camera body.


This feature is very convenient for familiarizing yourself with the camera and for testing the shutter in flash photography.

This is because proper exposures are obtained with exposure meas- urements made at the full aperture. Maarteun Posted 10 years ago. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with its working parts, before loading your first roll of film, and your pleasure in using the camera will be even greater. When set for multiple exposures, a black square with a round cutout will appear in the right-front area of the focusing screen, as shown.

Exposure Counter The exposure counter shows the number of frames exposed or, in other words, is an additive type. In other words, when “cocked” the cocking pin of the lens will be set between the red band and green dot, while the cocking pin of the main body mount will be set to the green-colored dot.