Page 4 of Deck Types. The simple BubbleDeck® is cast over the pre- fabricated ‘bubble- lattice’ on traditional formwork. In the filigree-slab BubbleDeck ® the. BubbleDeck – the Biaxial Hollow Slab. Architectural freedom, Flexibility in Design and Use, Fast and Inexpensive, Savings and Environmental Benefits. Bubble deck slab. 1. BUBBLE DECK SLAB; 2. CONTENTS Introduction Materials Advantages Experimental Study Scope of Future.

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These elements comprise the top and bottom reinforcement mesh, sized to suit the specific project, joined together with vertical lattice girders with the void formers trapped between the top and bottom mesh reinforcement to fix their optimum position. Joseph Moniera French gardener, patented a design for reinforced garden tubs inand later patented reinforced concrete beams and posts for railway and road guardrails.

No toxic gasses will be released. Bubble deck slab is conceived to omit a significant volume of concrete compared to a solid slab in the central core where the slab is principally un-stressed in flexure [3]. Simplified changes to the purpose of use. The Mills Park community centre in the Perth suburb of Beckenham, Western Australia is the first public building in Australia to attain a six star Green Star rating for design and construction The concrete is made of standard Portland cement with max aggregate size of 20 mm.

We therefore use Euro code 2, which is fully compatible with the system, for our design and which is somewhat more up to date than BSO. High density polyethylene hollow spheres replace the in-effective concrete in the centre of the slab, thus decreasing the dead weight and increasing the efficiency of the floor.

Test results are as shown in Table 3[4]. The voided biaxial slabs technology is directly incorporated in international standards as the Eurocodes, and various national codes such as the CUR in the Netherlands.

This is only valid when considering the voided biaxial slabs technology.

Other types slav voided biaxial slabs have reduced resistances towards shear, local punching and fire. If the standard bubble material is used HDPEthe products of combustion are relatively benign, certainly compared to bubbbledeck materials that would also be burning in the vicinity.


This is not the last of the advantages of the Bubble deck slab floor system: Build More With Less BubbleDeck is the patented integration technique of linking air, steel, and concrete in a two-way structural slab. We therefore have a situation that is better than existing with plastic rebar spacers and these have been permitted for many years. While concrete has been bubbbledeck for thousands of years, the use of reinforced concrete is usually attributed to Joseph-Louis Lambot in The s,ab obstacle with concrete constructions, in case of horizontal slabs, is the high weight, which limits the span.

We would then compare this to our calculated resistance. For a voided biaxial slabs with spheres the shear resistance is proportional to the amount of concrete, as the special geometry shaped by the ellipsoidal voids acts like the famous Roman arch, enabling all concrete to be effective. The dollar store is America’s new invasive species.

The voids are positioned in the middle of the cross section, where concrete has limited effect, while maintaining solid sections in top and bottom where high stresses can exist.

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Lighter Stronger Precast Concrete Floor Slabs – BubbleDeck

LV LIXf. Possibility of single direction structures thanks to the bridge accessory. This is not considered to be a significant weakness. According to the manufacturer, Bubble deck slab can reduce total project costs by three percent.

BubbleDeck – the Biaxial Hollow Deck

It is bubbleeeck presently possible to calculate for the difference in age related properties in the filigree and in-situ concrete parts. Read More Regional, Medical Plays to BubbleDeck’s Strength Using BubbleDeck, leading national builder Hansen Yuncken has responded to the numerous challenges of building large span slabs in a major regional medical facility This category of BubbleDeck is optimal for construction areas with tight spaces since these modules can be stacked on top of one another for storage until needed.

If this is exceeded by the applied shear, at a column for example, we leave out the balls and use the full solid shear values. After the concrete has set, the floor is ready to be used. In slabs, the depth of compressed concrete is usually a small proportion of the slab depth and this means that it almost always involves only the concrete between the ball and the surface so bubbledwck is no sensible difference between the behavior of a solid slab and Bubble Deck.


Regardless of project size, shape or complexity; simply shore, place, and pour to quickly install concrete decks. A two way spanning voided biaxial slab construction with spheres according to the BubbleDeck system, compared to older voided slab constructions:. The BubbleDeck system offers bubbledeck wide range of advantages in building design and during construction. Regardless of project size or complexity, simply prop, place and pour to quickly install suspended concrete floor slabs.

Additional steel may be inserted according to the reinforcement requirements of the design. Stop worrying about your personal carbon footprint.

Flexible Span up to 20 m.

Although not reinforced, coffers were used to reduce the weight. The soffit has a bubblededk surface that is ready to finish and does not require a false ceiling for aesthetic purposes.

BubbleDeck Type B is a reinforcement module that consists of a pre-assembled sandwich of steel mesh and plastic bubbles, or “bubble lattice”.

The idea of placing large blocks of light material in the slab suffers from the same flaws, which is why the use of these systems has never gained acceptance and they are only used in a limited number of projects in Spanish-speaking countries. Views Read Edit View history.

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If the resistance is still greater than the solid slab resistance and less than the maximum allowed, we provide shear reinforcement. All tested buildings are proven safe, and are reopened. The fire resistance [8] of the slab is a complex matter but is chiefly dependent on the ability of the steel to retain sufficient strength during a fire when it will be heated and lose significant strength as the temperature rises.

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