Cabezas colosales olmecas. Responsibility: Beatriz de la Fuente. Edition: 1. ed. Imprint: México, D.F.: El Colegio Nacional, Physical description: p. Jul 23, XI – Olmec – Las cabezas colosales olmecas son por lo menos diecisiete representaciones monumentales de piedra de cabezas humanas. Cyphers Anne «Las cabezas colosales», Arqueología Mexicana, II (12), pp. Escultura olmeca de San Lorenzo Tenochtitlán, UNAM, Mexico.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. An additional monument, at Takalik Abaj in Guatemalais a throne that may have been carved from a colossal head. Permission Reusing this file. Covina City Hall n. Large parts of the monument seem to be roughed out without finished detail. Carved block after photo Couvreur. Retrieved from ” https: This is misleading since severed heads are often shown open-eyed.

The heads were variously arranged in lines or groups at major Olmec centres, but the method and logistics used to transport the stone to these sites remain unclear. Miller, Mary Ellen [].

Norman Hammond argues that the apparent stylistic differences of the monument stem from its unfinished state rather than its late production. Round pupils are indicated as relieves or hollows and, to some scholars, the heads are squinting. Heizer and Robert J. Front and profile views of the same sculpture are joined here at a single file of x pixels. The traits of the colossal heads are found together on the two Atlantean dwarfs on Potrero Nuevo Mon. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Agrandir Original oclosales, 2,3M. Although most of the facial detail is lost, the crinkling of the bridge of the nose is still evident, a feature that is common to the frowning expressions of the other Olmec colossal heads. The front of Mon. Cyphers, Ann September—October A strap descends in front of the ear on each side of the head, okmecas as far as the earlobe.


University of Texas College of Liberal Arts. Kappstatter, Bob 17 June They are spheroid with a flat back, either left plain or carved only at the top.

Its exact date of discovery is unknown but is estimated to have been some time in the s, when it was struck by machinery being used to clear vegetation from Nestape hill. When naturalism and conventionalism coexist, it is then expected that the most important subjects will be given naturalistic treatment, while the lesser ones will be expressed through conventions. The left and right ornaments are different, with radial lines on the left earflare, a feature absent on the right earflare.

Bonzom after Parsonsfig. These are stylised and represented by one question mark shape contained within another. The headdress cabezaas in the form of a plain horizontal band.

Olmec colossal heads

These tassels are judged to represent hair rather than caebzas. The original location of the La Cobata head was not a major archaeological site and it is likely that the head was either abandoned at its source or during transport to its intended destination. An Olmec monument workshop”. The fourteen slabs erected against a Classic structure at Nopala Urcid Serranofig.

From Olmec to Aztec. Cabezae issue of the confrontation was the decapitation of the losers, be they dead or wounded. The head was discovered in a deep gully by Matthew Stirling in ; it was found lying face down and its excavation was difficult due to the wet conditions in the gully.

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These idealizations suited warriors and athletes as well as gods. Both parties belonged to the same community or to neighboring communities. Matthew Stirling fully excavated the monument inafter clearing the thick vegetation that had covered it in the intervening years.


If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Olmec Art of Ancient Mexico. City College of San Francisco Are they also evidence of mutilation?

Olmec colossal heads – Wikipedia

The La Cobata head is more or less rounded and measures 3 by 3 metres 9. Archived from the original on La Jornada in Spanish. Olmec megalith transport routes: It was moved to the plaza of Santiago Tuxtla in and remains there olmecws this day.

Abrasives were found in association with workshops at San Lorenzo, indicating their use in the finishing of fine detail. Archaeology of Southern Mesoamerica. There is no doubt that the colossal size of these monuments, the amount of hardship involved in their transport seem to be only suitable to rulers. It is a very important issue inasmuch as true portraits demonstrate the perception of a human being as an individual.

It was associated with a large number of broken ceramic vessels and figurines. Here ugliness is not expressed through the face features that are genuinely Mayan, but through the lack cabezaz symmetry of the whole composition, and the non-respect of proportions within every particular figure and between the figures themselves Robertson ; Greene Robertson Views Read Edit View history.