The Cainites, or Cainians were a Gnostic and Antinomian sect who were known to venerate . for doubting the truth of Irenaeus’ account, though accusations of immorality urged against heretics should always be received with caution. This is a beautiful book, I cannot stress that enough. Cainite Heresy is one of the best books that White Wolf have ever published. This book is paced full of. Thankfully, Cainite Heresy is more the latter than the former. This book is a good, useful exploration of how vampire imagery can infiltrate (and sometimes.

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Gnosticism Early Gnostic sects. What follows is a recounting of that game. I wonder why is that so; certainly in middle ages there were many christian and pious vampires, but they were probably not the majority?

Originally posted by Kale Fangblade View Post. He states that they taught, as did Carpocratesthat hheresy could be attained only by passing through all experience.

He appears to have had some source of information independent of Irenaeus. DominicFrancis of Asisi, Jan Huss and John Cainitr among many others for the sway and power these figures have, the reactions they cause.

I’ll stop historygasming jeresy. Philaster, on the other hand, assigns the action of Judas to his knowledge that Christ intended to destroy the truth—a purpose which he frustrated by the betrayal. They regarded Judas the traitor as having full cognizance of the truth. November Learn how and when to remove this template message.


Remember also hsresy for a lot of individuals being a Cainite Bishop or Priest in the heresy offers a lot of power within pro-Heresy areas but concequently makes you enemies like Anatole. We have no ground to suppose that the Cainites held such a view, but they seem to have professed the belief that this fullness of experience was essential to salvation.

Retrieved from ” https: The account given by Irenaeus is unduly curt and the text not quite secure, but it is not difficult to form a general estimate of the sect from it, especially with the assistance of other sources. You chased a thief into a swamp, trekked through trackless forests and bogs, and fought your way out of an ambush set by orx.

They viewed him and those whom he favoured with undisguised hostility; redemption had for its end the dissolution of his work. But, is this just a spotlight on a random rpg product?

Cainites – Wikipedia

Actually the CH issue got me wondering what kind of forces were behind the rise of Christianity. But there is no valid reason caknite deny the generally accepted view that the Gnostic attitude to matter did lead to quite opposite results.

I cannot speak authoritatively to the OP’s intent, but I believe that is the case. The RPG, a Review. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

ReviewsCaibite of Darkness. That’s not a good image. The oldest source is to be found in Irenaeus, adv. Originally posted by Demon Cat View Post. He therefore, rather than the other disciples, was able to accomplish the mystery of the betrayal, and so bring about the dissolution of all things both celestial and terrestrial.


It’s because most Christian Cainites were Catholic or even just regular hereticswhereas Acinite Heretics were basically saying “I am God.

Unveiling The Cainite Heresy

We’ve been occasionally highlighting older products worth taking a look at for a while now. Unveiling The Cainite Heresy. Last edited by Demon Cat ; The sect following was relatively small.

In an alternate reality where no single religion gained monopoly, with many diverse and conflicting religions and cults coexising, it would be much easier for Cainites to rule openly, or at least not being hunted by hheresy.


There was a diversity of beliefs back then amongst Cainites, but there was still strong representation of mostly non-heretical Christians amongst them. I am confused, since I never go into any of the Dark Ages stuff, but is this just about the release or is this an updated, new release?

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