Transcript of Canterwood Crest: Unfriendly Competition. Canterwood Crest: Unfriendly Competition Author: Jessica Burkhart Characters. Sasha Silver continues her journey of boarding school drama and competitive horsemanship in book #12 of the Canterbrook Crest series. Sasha is one of four students who will be expelled if one does not confess to writing a malicious blog, as she prepares for a surprise birthday party for Heather .

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City Secrets 09 in Canterwood Crest Series.

And they’re a lovely addition to the books. To ask other readers questions about Unfriendly Competitionplease sign up. Good ending for the last book of the best horse series I’ve read. I was delighted with acnterwood the romance and all the cuteness that happened.

The characters don’t seem to fit the age they’ve been assigned. Mar 07, Carina rated it it was amazing.

Unfriendly Competition (Canterwood Crest, book 12) by Jessica Burkhart

It’s OKAY to be single! Her now ex-boyfriend, Ben, competotion her are friends again. This book is about how sasha is canterwoodd with moving out of her old dorm and into a new one with a whole new roomate, dealing with all her relationships and romances. Their world is flipped up side down. The way they did various stuff.

Sasha had the perfect boy Unfriendly Competition is Jessica Burkhart’s 12 book in the series. And now her old roommate is in the “avoid” list as well.

Lists with This Book. Lastly, I predicted the ending from the first chapter.

Unfriendly Competition

Besides the birthday, a new girl came to Canterwood. Trivia About Unfriendly Compet These characters seem believable because they are high school girl on private school. I like this book because it is relevant to normal people.


I have read almost all the books in the series and i love it and i hope you do cantrrwood The whole blogger thing? May 23, Karen added it. She is the author of the Canterwood Crest series.

After all, it’s not easy to have your riding teacher get hurt, and besides, who needs hometown competition? Order now to secure your copy when our stock arrives. I mean yeah it’s dramatic and middle school-y but there are good morals and fun times hidden amongst the drama. Not even to mention the whole make-up canherwood we got as the girls went to a party. In the first book, Compeyition and her friends were constantly trying to put down Sasha by constantly pulling pranks that wouldn’t work in real l I read this as it was recommended to competiition.

The challenge resulted in the first draft of Take the Reins. Mar 28, Ally! There’s a nasty gossip blog that keeps attacking people, the headmistress has tracked it to Sasha and Brit’s room and Heather room with her two friends, Julia and Alison. Oct 23, Emily M. Things aren’t going anywhere with them really. Feb 23, Teegan Chism rated it really liked it. An agent read the manuscript on her blog, she signed with him, and shortly afterwards she had a four-book deal.

It could have been wrapped up a little better in the end knfriendly Paige and Callie, and Eric too but not a total cliff hanger or anything. It must be this unfrieendly I get its supposed to compdtition set at an elite boarding school and that these girls parents just flow money, but it was hard to relate.


It was a great boarding school series, and one I would recommend to everyone. But while it’s fun, it is serious at the same time and when it needs to be. I was really dying to know who did it though, I even considered reading on at night, but decided against it because I was dead tired after a stressful week.

But I loved compeyition as a kid and it made me appreciate books more, so that’s what matters! Jessica Burkhart was born in Goodlettsville, Tennessee on January 29, This is the final book of the Canterwood Crest books starring Sasha Silver.

Unfriendly Competition (#12 in Canterwood Crest Series)

Aug 13, Leeor Gorev rated it it was amazing. Life is good for Sasha as she heads off for the WEG. I also became frustrated when the main character made decisions that made absolutely no sense. Things are finally working out! Dec 10, Sarah rated it liked it. Sasha looks like a 14 year old girl with brown hair and a horse names Charm. Now the besties, Sasha, Brit, Heather, Julia, and Allison were called to the Headmistress office and they were suspected to be doing the mean blogging because the signal came from their rooms and the one doing it will be suspended.

About Meet the Author Series.

So two stars from me. But they’ve become friends now. I read this as it was recommended to me. At least this one had somewhat of competiition resolution.