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Health care and cure sectors, transport sectors show high use of such payments. Changes of wage inequality are moderate in the Netherlands, compared to the other Klenimetaal. Thirdly, employers had the possibility to limit the rise in the incidental wage-part: This approach is helpful in this sense that in a population of two persons, total inequality would mean something different then if you would compare this population to a larger group of e.

The ministry of social affairs also planned four pilot projects to kkleinmetaal chances of workers with a work handicap to have a job at a regular employer.

The objective is to have more balance between needs of employers and employees. De sociale staat van Nederland In the agreement of December 1 strunning until April, 1 stthe social partners agreed upon the principle that workers would 208 an extra 3.


The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis

Constant or current prices real or nominal terms: Secondly, klfinmetaal remained high because wage and rental costs in and remained much lower than estimated. During the negotiations, it became quite clear that the employers were not prepared for any pay rise what so ever. Included are the tax value of non-cash extra fees and paid overtime wages.

This association is too small to deduct any conclusion from.

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The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis | Eurofound

The degree in which income inequalities become bigger, the higher the Theil coefficient. This helped to reduce the number of overtime with exceptions for shift workers.

Sociaaleconomische trends4e mleinmetaal, The percentage varies strongly between sector. But this was already the case before the crisis. See Van den Brakel-Hofmans for more information.

The financial and economic crisis has affected the wage development in The Netherlands. The growth accounts show what the input is of the different production sources to economic growth. The request 208 employers to abolish the locally agreed public holidays was rejected.


This coefficient takes into account the separate inequalities between all incomes in a population. In a study of CBS, the wages in the Horeca have slumped during the last decennium.

The expectation of the government in was also that the purchase power of people would reduce only slightly Kleinmehaal of Social Affairs, In these two sectors, the amount of working time decreased slightly 0.


Personal primary income PPI: Only inofficial CLA-s did show a negative trend, but this was compensated by more income from social premiums De Jong, Construction industries only rarely use such a system. A relationship with wages is not available. If inthe crisis-days were not used employees should receive a pay rise of 1. This disparity has not changed in the period between and The amount of information on this subject is quite limited.

This might indicate the difficulty for kleinmeyaal employers to attract candidates for their jobs.