When Frank Sinatra hosted the Welcome Home Elvis television special, he was trying to maintain a measure of hip by rubbing a little Elvis on. CD reissue of “The Complete Sun Sessions” has ended 12 years later with the publication of “Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley. Reading Peter Guralnick’s Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley is like watching a train wreck about to happen. You know what’s.

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Linda Gail provides a little insight, but more than anything else, she delivers this Jerry Lee. One of his entourage noted that it was like living in a virtual world in which the courtiers became as isolated as the king, where even the most dramatic event assumed the texture of an episode on a television series.

Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley

And as Guralnick explores and analyses Elvis’ life, he does so with incredible detail, insight and compassion. What makes this a lesser book, I think, is that it’s so focused on Elvis we fail to fully appreciate his life against the backdrop of the times, generally presoey.

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Audiences for tragedies in ancient Greece knew how the stories ended, and this knowledge made every attempt by the off to do the right thing more painful or poignant, and Careless Love works the same way.

Having been exposed to the lifestyle of entertainers, I can attest that when work is over in early morning hours, One of the most dreadful and detailed books I have olve read. I had always casually enjoyed Elvis’ music, but it wasn’t until I presleh his soulful recording of “My Happiness” that I became intrigued by the legend – particularly considering that was the very first song he had ever recorded as a gift for his mom.


Army in Germany, where he first met–and was captivated by–a year-old girl named Priscilla Beaulieu.

Home town boy

Much is described of the destructive behaviors that brought Elvis to the end of his life in such a tragic way. Still, none of those stories came close, remotely, to the tragic downfall of Elvis. It continues through a string of Hollywood B-movies, numerous affairs and an immature lifestyle of “horsing around” supported by the guys now universally known as The Memphis Mafia.

He was generous to a fault and this caused lots of jealousies amongst the group. Elvis Presley had such potential and was poised for greatness but his deep insecurities seemed to have motivated him to create a parallel world for himself to live in which isolated him from all outside influences that could have helped him to remain a successful performer.

He even neglected some of his blockbuster contractual obligations because he was so busy studying. Cwreless was, for all his celebrity, not a real mature fellow, and she was just what he needed. Even on his classic “Love me Tender”, how delicate yet rich his voice and delivery! He surprised almost everybody he dealt with when making the Comeback Special and the Elvis In Memphis album by being a far more intelligent, committed and soulful artist than they ever imagined.

In Careless LoveGuralnick settles some of them by dishing the dirt, though in a prdsley, respectful, understated way. I was born too late to be much of an Elvis fan; he was falling fast as I was coming of age.

He narrates everything from the posse and friends of Elvis, so you sense his isolation. In contrast to contemporaries such as Lester Bangs, Unnaking Penman and Nick Tosches, whose music writings are marked by idiosyncratic, self-referential and highly personal styles, Guralnick’s writing is characterized by a colloquial approach that is clean and understated by comparison.


Guralnick’s extended description of the downfall contains the most revealing individual description of his subject from Marion Keisker, Sam Phillips’s assistant when the year-old Presley first entered the Sun recording studios. But the situation was never straightforward and an interesting question of judgment arose when Barbra Streisand and Jon Peters approached Presley to play opposite her in the re-make of A Star Is Born.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It implies that you don’t really trust the man, or res There is no such word as “unmaking” in the English language.

He was strong enough to fight himself to a draw, but not strong enough to win. Just imagine what Elvis could od been were he not kept tucked away behind his phalanx of cronies and kept in thrall to the stunted Col.

There was no Betty Ford clinic back then. The interventions are halting and sincere but they all quickly fail. The last loe just detailing day to day drug addledness and close calls feels like it could have been cut down a lot. Jan 08, John Gilbert rated it it was amazing.

Writing as a music fan, his enthusiasm powers his writing but doesn’t overpower it. The first volume chronicled his rise to fame, and it was a lot more fun to read. Elvis’ changes during these careess form a tragic mystery that Careless Love unlocks for the first time.

If you are going to read an Elvis bio, this is the one. Nov 16, Jacob Eckstein rated it it was amazing.