CCXML – or Call Control XML – is the W3C standard markup language for controlling CCXML Reference and Tutorial; VoiceGenie’s CCXML Tag Reference. CCXML – or Call Control XML – is the W3C standard markup language for controlling Aspect also provides a complete CCXML reference guide and tutorials. For additional support telephone numbers, see the Avaya Web site: http://support. 2 Avaya CCXML User Guide. August

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This information MAY consist of protocol-specific parameters.

Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML Version

A CCXML application can determine the reason its session was started by evaluating the contents of the session. The event source from which the event object originated, if any, must be moved to the target session. Figure 1 shows the architecture of a telephony implementation consisting of four primary components:. When a caller hangs up on one of the connections the VoiceXML dialog is not automatically disconnected.

For example, the following transition element will match the connection. This attribute has special significance when documents are retrieved via HTTP.

The following requirements are addressed by this specification:. Each connection state constant can be used to index into this array to return the human-readable string corresponding to that constant.

If the connectionid attribute is omitted, the interpreter must reject using the id indicated in the current event being processed. The fetch identifier can also be obtained as a property of the fetch.

Introduction to CCXML, Part II

Voice Browser Call Control: An ECMAScript expression that returns a character string that ccxkl be used to play a tone or a custom wav file to the conference participants when this Connection exits Note: This property is a reference to an object defining protocol information for the protocol used on this connection; the referenced object defines information which applies to all connections using this protocol, and it has at least two properties: This event indicates that an application performed an action that it should know to be illegal, and generally reflects an incorrectly written application.


Eventsand The URI of the resource that was fetched. VoiceXML Session variables are updated whenever there is an update to the associated connection or conference.

The identifier of the conference to which the dialog connection is bridged usually the conferenceid that was specified in the dialogstart or dialogprepare. Properties returned from the dialog processor relating to the dialogs transfer request. Valid complex variable names are permitted; for example, ” agent.

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The Tutofial object returned contains information which may be used by the implementing platform when creating the conference. An error notification takes the form of an error event that is added to the event queue of the CCXML document where the error occurred. Since conferences are global in scope, it is possible that other sessions will establish or terminate bridges to a Conference created by an application. Dozens of easy-to-follow tutorials Open source sample applications Aspect Customer Care Center to search our knowledge library, collaborate with your fellow developers, and request assistance from our expert analysts.

This destroys the conference if no other sessions are attached to it. See Section 10 for a discussion of connections and bridges.

If executed line by line this would end up executing every line in the script and declaring a transition scoped variable named id with a value of 2. Implementations MAY disallow two dialogs from being joined together. The eventid is a unique tutorual identifier of the event tutorisl by the ” basichttp ” processor.

A tutorial on Call Control XML and voice browser call control

If the event queue is tutoroal, and the EHIA wants to process an event, execution pauses until an event arrives. The state of the Connection Object is unchanged by this event. A Dialog will not however be listed in the session.

This event is thrown once the document is parsed and ready for execution document initialization occurs between the fetched and loaded events. Originally there was an intention to add new tags to Cccml to support the new features. However, it should be noted that the two languages are separate and are not required in an implementation of either language. This property is an array representing the connection redirection paths; the first element, Connection.

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This property is a URI which addresses the remote device; for an incoming call, this is the calling URI; for a redirected incoming call, this is the requester of the most recent redirection, and prior values are contained in the “redirect” property; for an outgoing call, this is the called URI. This scope is opened by CCXML implementation before interpretation cccxml a new session starts and ccxl until the session exits. Information provided by the protocol prior to connection is accumulated and stored with the identified Connection object.

If set to raw the platform MUST NOT tutoriap to process the data and MUST leave processing of the content to the application who can do what it wishes with the content via the content attribute of the fetch. Also, the CCXML examples that you’ll see in this series are tuned for Voxeo and may not work with another provider’s implementation even though it conforms to the specification. An ECMAScript expression which returns a character string that indicates the media encoding type of the submitted document when ttuorial value of the method is “post”.

The value of the attribute must receive a dialog identifier value for the launched dialog interpreter instance. Indicates which entity cause the disconnection to occur. When the fetch request has been completed, an event is generated against the session that initiated the fetch. The only exception to this rule is when ccxml.

The fully-qualified name of a variable is the name ccxmo the variable’s scope object prepended with a dot to the name of the variable. The underlying platform MUST send the appropriate protocol messages to perform the disconnect, and send an asynchronous event to the CCXML document when the disconnect operation completes.

Session was started due to a external session launch request.

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