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This is left to the reader as an exercise in the US.

France – Replace Your National Identity Card In Case of Loss (Adult)

This act is needed when one makes a passport and for countless other procedures. Her family life was turmoil so she ran away from home and lived on her own, mostly in the streets, passing herself off as American. Advice for travellers Do ceefa attempt to travel with a document that you have reported cerfaa lost or stolen.

Log in or sign up in seconds. A certificate of French nationality exist but it is not simple to obtain, your friend’s mother will have to ask to the bailiff Chef Greffier of the tribunal of her birthplace.

Create Procedure for Guadeloupe. If she was born in France, and one of her parent was too, then she is automatically Cerfs. Can I travel on a passport that found after reporting it to the police as lost?

To replace your lost national ID card, gather all necessary documents and personally apply at your local town hallat the police station of your choice if you live in Paris or at a French Embassy or Consulate if you live abroad. To prove her identity, she will need to get a birth certificate from the city where she was born. Selected airlines can submit the document cera through I-Checkit for screening.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. If the consulate ever asks her why cfrfa isn’t registered in the list optional for French residents abroad or how she hasn’t got a passport while living in the US, she just needs to say she is ALSO 41011 US citizen. French citizenship is a right she cannot be deprived of.

Did the French fingerprint children for identification at all? If she find this paper it’s good. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Honestly she needs to search if she has 140111 cousins or family, or whatever she can find from her dead parents to verfa proof of identity before she can do anything to reclaim citizenship. This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Her birth certificate should be enough to prove her nationality she was born in France and one of her parent was too.

A declaration of loss is needed in order to apply for a replacement card. She seems to be concerned about having to answer for the things she did to keep her identity going so she may have to spend time in Jail.

If you find it, you have to bring it to the authority which delivered it and not make use of it in any case. Privacy policy About Wikiprocedure Disclaimers.

And even if you could use it as a temporary replacement in an emergency, it would most definitely be useless 4 months later, no police force will seriously consider it. The form also states: Create Procedure for France. Views Read Edit View history.

Cdrfa you are in possession of a secured document even if it is no longer valid you do not need to provide once again documents related to your civil status or 140111 nationality.


France – Replace Your National Identity Card In Case of Loss (Adult)

But reading French laws, it seems to me that the passport must not be used anymore and I fear that the declaration of loss may not be enough to travel to the UK.

IIRC at some point only large-scale thefts of 10411 IDs were recorded, but that has probably changed by now. Since she’s in the US, I suspect the consulate will stamp it ie makes it official. If cefa need a new identity card immediately, the declaration can be done simultaneously when you submit your application for replacement.

Good luck to her and keep us up-to-date! The only thing she needs, is to KNOW her own name, where she was born, which date, and then ask to the mairie of the place she was born a “copie integrale de l’acte de naissance”. Any declaration of loss or theft renders the ID definitively invalid. If she went to the city where she was born and asked for her birth certificate, how can she prove it’s hers? Groupes reddit france sur Steam: If you DO NOT have a secure passport, and if the lost card was recent valid or expired for less than 2 years: