Anyone who’s read this site over the last few years knows of the high esteem in which China Miéville is held around here. I think he’s probably the most important . China Miéville’s Bas Lag series is somewhat unique in the realm of fantasy literature in that it keeps me coming back for more over and over. Following Perdido Street Station and The Scar, acclaimed author China Miéville returns with his hugely anticipated Del Rey hardcover debut. With a fresh and.

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I really, really liked it because it was full on musings about linguistics, communication, the theory of mind and also colonialism and how distinct cultures and mindsets influence each other. They soon become legendary inspirations for the rebels of New Crobuzon who conspire to bring down the oppressive government.

Some editing, a hundred or so less, would have been more. The difference is that Mieville makes no moral judgement on them mievilke their behavior. Coumcil Crobuzon is present in The Iron Councilbut it is no longer the front-and-centre locus around which the novel revolves.

Bookslut | Iron Council by China Mieville

Un trionfo di tensione drammatica e corale veicola importanti messaggi antirazzisti, antisessisti e antiautoritari con una prosa che riesce ad essere convoluta e barocca ma al tempo stesso incredibilmente tesa ed affilata.

A fair proportion of the book, describing a secondary character’s adventures in the factioneering of revolutionary New Crobuzon, is clotted and unsatisfying compared with the wild journeys of Low and the train gang. Sometimes the purpose is to unsettle you and make you think. There are borrowings from Alien and The Matrix Revolutions, and what seems like a deliberate, jokey tribute to the videogame tradition of the “boss fight”, in which, at the end of a level, the protagonist must contend with a larger and stronger enemy than usual.

The middle of the chjna tells the genesis of the Iron Council and follows Judah; ironically, while Judah is my least favourite character, this is probably the best part of the entire novel. It is why graphic novels are on the rise as a literary form. The Iron Council itself is a essentially a runaway train–a train that was intended to link New Crobuzon to other large cities.


I really enjoyed it. I may need a reread to fully grasp the implications. Isaac and Bella, respectively. Tolkien Harpist in mievlile Wind by Patricia A. Iton could not help but feel my heart break a bit over their pain and torture.

Also, this story has the most optimistic ending I’ve yet read from Mieville. Trivia About Iron Council New A strange spiral-drawing man gives the people dreams of freedom. The rest of this review has been withheld due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement. The rest of Iron Council is superfluous.

The ramifications of Crobuzonian politics, only glimpsed in the first two novels, finally take the center stage.

Now, we’re in New Crobuzon again, along with tons of other places. The capitalists of New Crobuzon are pushing hard.

At the same time, in the crumbling mazes of New Crobuzon’s streets, the young Ori grows tired with the revolutionary talk of the paper Runagate Rampant and seeks for a more active form of resistance, eventually following the mysterious old man Spiral Jacobs into the hands of the bull headed Toro who has a plan to rock New Crobuzon’s government to its foundations and begin a revolution against the hated authority of Parliament, even as New Crobuzon’s war with the magical city of Tesh threatens darker reprisals.

The revolutionary fervor is fueled by longing for change and better life. So if you have a spare moment, please tell us your thoughts by writing a reader’s review. Soffiano venti di rivoluzione e di decadenza, di romanticismo e fatalismo, di speranza di tradimento.

Blood on the tracks

Jan 14, sologdin rated it really liked it Shelves: Iron Council [Aug 26, ]. Iron Council addresses that oppression directly, even as far as having the threatened revolution occur, and yet the ending does not entirely resolve the revolution, though it does provide somewhat couuncil ray of hope for the future, for all a rather tenuous one.

For example, during Judah’s history we learn how he was at one time head of a golem fighting ring in New Crobuzon, and at another time the apprentice to a perpetual gambler who played his way up and down the railway lines. This one focuses on a tragic and costly c Enough imagination for eighty books. I kept finding myself wondering what the point of this book was going to be. He is tired talking about how bad things are and he wants to start doing something to change it.


We start by following a man named Cutter and the loose group of rebels who have joined with him to try to find their stock messianic figure. The section describing the birth of the railway, councll it pulls shanty towns, whores, gamblers and gunslingers in its wake, is a rather splendid reimagining of vouncil wild west. Iron Council [Aug 26, ] 24 29 Oct 02, There are wonders, yes, but they are too scattered, too sparsely drawn, too quickly passed over and through for them to percolate into our imaginations.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the end it chhina tempting to read the thaumaturge, Judah the golemist, as an avatar of the fantasy author himself. So… Can it be read without having read the others first, does it work as-is? A division of the New Crobuzon militia is fast gaining on the train from behind, while in the city their forces have regained their strength and might be luring the Iron Council into a trap from which it will not escape alive.

Another element I need to highlight from this book is the train, the major focal point. It does a great job showing both the hope and hopelessness of fighting against a seemingly immovable unjust system. The Revolution is a holy mission, which must be made safe from both internal and external attack, so that it can be planned and effective: I found myself frustrated on numerous occasions by the obscuring word-choices that Mieville made.

Iron Council (New Crobuzon, #3) by China Miéville

There are many wondrous scenes and sequences. Jun 01, Megan Baxter rated it really liked it.

I can still appreciate him without this character; I can luxuriate in his gorgeous prose without this character; I can even lose myself in Bas-Lag without this character; but it is this character that makes Perdido Street Station and The Scar such fundamental books in my literary pantheon.