There are three different types of genetic mutations in the Cockatiel. These are Sex-Linked, Recessive, and Dominant. The Sex-linked mutations are Pearl. Explore Jagadish Jay’s board “Cockatiels and its mutations” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Birds, Cockatiel and Beautiful birds. Different mutations of cockatiels | See more ideas about Parrots, Beautiful birds and Parakeets.

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Bird is solid white.

Whether it has a dull head, a bright head, or patches of both on it’s head and face, it doesn’t make a difference to what gender it is, and it will always stay the same. Upon the first molt of a male pearled tiel, it will loose much of its?

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This is not a well developed mutation and is still somewhat new. There was no cheek patch. Males tend to strut around – they lift their wings slightly, stick their chest out and parade and strut, normally calling at he same time. This will bring out recessive faults such as balding, mutationns size of the mutation is smaller, and there could be a higher loss of chicks in the nest. Some people give the mutations different names, and some say they have other mutations, but usually cockaiel are not proven, or just variations of current mutations.

The only Mutation this can truly cockztiel done on is Adult Normal Grey’s, and it is because the Adult Male gets a full yellow head the female doesn’t – so there for a female would have a “dull” face, this also works in Normal Cinnamon’s – same way – males get full yellow heads, females don’t.

Lutino Pieds would have darker yellow “splotches.

Chapter 7 – COCKATIEL MUTATIONS, A Bounty of Color

It appears that there is a dark strain and cokcatiel light strain, but I presume this is because the light strain has been line bred to keep the good golden yellow. In lutinos, baldness can occurs behind the crest.


Lutino pearl would have darker yellow pearling. Good quality fallows are outstanding in color.

It is easy to sex except for the pied and when tame makes a very enchanting per. It is the pretty speckled patterning that covers the body of the tiel. There are three different types of genetic mutations in the Cockatiel. A Cinnamon female looks identical to mutatkons cinnamon male, the only differences are the face is not as bright yellow, and a female will have the wing spots on the underside of the wings and the bars on the underside of the tail, typical of most females.

Hens and juveniles have yellow barring on the tail. It can be hard to determine visually which mutation you are looking at. This also applies to cockatiels. Normal Body is grey with white on wings and yellow cheek patches.

In this mutation the pearl effect comes from white ccockatiel pale yellow feathers that are edged in grey and also contain a small grey area in the center of each feather. Please contact them directly with respect to any copyright or licensing questions.

Like the cinnamon, the cock bird is generally a darker shade. The lutino is certainly the most outstanding cockatiel mutation that has been produced so far.

Cockatiel females and young birds have barring muhations the underside of the tail as can be seen above. Note the pics of Ralphie whiteface and Linus cinnamon below. So as you can see Pearl cockatiels are not unique by any means. The eyes of the cinnamon mutation appear much lighter than the normal grey bird and this also varies in degree of intensity.

There is no such thing as an albino cockatiel. The breeding of these mutations should only be done by experts in cockatiel genetics until they have been well established. A clear pied looks identical to a Lutino or even a White-face lutino. Since the lutino is sex-linked, the albino cannot be obtained immediately.


Many people assume that because of that they must have a male, but it is unlike the other colors, and both males and females can have the same brightness, therefore making the sexes look the same. All yellow and orange mutationz now white.

Cockatiel Mutations

When a Fallow is crossed with a Cinnamon the Cinnamon will mask the Fallow color of the offspring. Split pieds often show several white or yellow flecked feathers on the back of the neck.

The under-most pair of tail feathers has the most obvious barring, with the rest of the tail feathers having less, but still obvious, stripes and dashes. Males develop a yellow face mask after first molt; females do not. Males muattions most pearls with their first coxkatiel.

Cockatiel Mutations

Sexing information is also provided whenever available. That you can sex cockatiels because of their face – a tiel with Bright cheek patches is male, one with dull cheek patches is female.

There are occasional claims of other colors, and many of the colors have other names, but these are the colors and names that are recognized by all the cockatiel and bird societies. To get the strongest and healthiest birds, pair a bird that visually has the mutation you want to achieve to a mate that is split for the same mutation. Since the melanin has been removed in the lutino the background color behind the barring is whitish yellow.

Grey areas often turn cinnamon in color. Breeders are waiting to see what mutation will pop up next, which explains the enthusiasm and joy they get from their hobby of breeding cockatiels.