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Esta tecnica de ionizacion podria ser empleada para tratar el agua de procesos industriales en general.

These patients were in full mental and physical capacity according to their age. This report briefly describes some of the recent advances in the modification and study of the basic properties of metals by ion implantation techniques.

El Aparato de Herbst Grabado. Se presentan los cambios entre TI y T2 en los registros iniciales y post-tratamiento. However, there are limitations due to the lack of long-term studies or clinical studies.

cisalhamento vertical em: Topics by

NasoRespiratory Function and Craniofacial Growth. The study aims to obtain a more effective and faster method for the detection of bacteria in several culture media, such as potable water and blood. Tribological properties were determined using a pin-on-disk test with a 6-mm diameter ruby pin with a velocity of 0. Vista frontal transversal de un paciente con el maxilar angosto y una mordida cruzada bilateral.


The experiment consisted of the installation of microplots 2 x 1. It comprises an apparatus for bombarding a target with a beam of ions, including an arrangement for measuring the ion beam current and controlling the surface potential of the target.

Vista oclusal del retenedor de Ricketts. O hemograma evidenciava plaquetopenia importante Rapid expansion of the maxillary dental arch and nasal cavity by opening the midpalatal suture.

A comparison of skeletal and dental change produced by function regulators FR-2 and FR This document contains the proceedings of the 21 national seminar on the rational use of energy and exposition of equipment and services, organized by the Asociacion de Tecnicos y Profesionistas en Aplicacion Energetica ATPAEin Mexico, D.

Os dados obtidos indicam que a cor produto “mal-passado” foi ligeiramente mais vermelha que a do produto “ao ponto”, mas o produto “bem-passado” foi fortemente afetado pelo tratamento.

The use of cephalometrics as an aid to planning and assessing orthodontic treatment. Ion implantation, diffusion and evaporation were carefully investigated giving emphasis on its characteristics and particularities.

This experiment will simulate the fusion reactor radiation environment. Considering that cooperation among enterprises contributes significantly to improve the product performance in a supply chain, this work presents a method for analyzing the enterprise cooperation focused on the exchange of information among firms.

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The study of amorphous phases has been carried out by the aid of Rutherford backscattering mayorfs with the channeling technique and using transmission electron microscopy. A Modelo de trabajo mandibular completo. Spectral period ranging from 2 minutes to 4 hours is shown on the abscissa and power spectral density is given on the ordinate.


Full Text Available In implantsmaintenance is a decisive factor for obtaining success when implant supported overdentures and dentures are used.

El arco utilitario debe producir una fuerza de 60 a grs sobre los incisivos inferiores. Ion implantation for semiconductors. Predominaram na Estrada do Turismo Lutzomyia umbratilis e L.

magnetico pela tecnica: Topics by

A global vertical reference frame based on four regional vertical datums. Vertical integration from the large Hilbert space.

The samples were synthesized by Pechini method polymer precursors with tin oxalate as a source not contaminated with chlorine of this metal. Los caninos permanentes no han erupcionado completamente.

An additional hand search was included for the relevant articles in the following journals: Pela igualdade For equality. It provides a set of light-gas, powder, and compressed gas guns capable of accelerating projectiles to speeds up to 7 km s exp