al alumno para sacar la mejor plaza en una sola convocatoria. Si sigues el método y .. Los exámenes de y , contenían 30 preguntas vinculadas a. el Jue Mayo 19, pm. Gracias TOMMYK por la explicacion!! Very Happy Another reason I was called attention is is LACK OF CONCENTRATION!. Acreditación institucional – Proceso de reacreditación institucional. Av . Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins , Santiago de Chile, Casa Central.

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Then later it is 3. If you are not retaining, do not just tell yourself you need many more months to study!

Medicina Genómica: Enlaces (en inglés) sobre Genética y Medicina Genómica

Must read concept There is another reason why people pick the wrong answer. Know most important which study method works best for convocatria. Unrelated work at a job Most answer choices differ by a hair. The difference is barely noticeable in everyday life because you have only small things to commit to memory like a phone number, street address, etc. It had to do with his skill at quickly formulating a differential. It really helped me personally.


Información para médicos extranjeros

Remember, I will repeat this a thousand times: Use that strategy in your studies. It is a bizarre test. There are MANY other strategies. enar

Then I found a method that worked for me. We often recall if we are in an altered state of excitation.

convocatoria enarm 2011 pdf

You will be often surprised at how fast the information leaves. If I ask for New Jersey, you should yell “Trenton” in an eye blink! The answer choices will drive you mad!

But if the Chart is flatlining or even worse, creeping down, then there is a problem. We are all climbing Mt. I formed the study group I spoke of, then we all took turns explaining things to each other.

If so, you ARE improving, and it is just a matter of time before you get that magical “pass” on your score report! Intelligence alone cannot do it.

Información para médicos extranjeros – Universidad de Chile

If I ask, “Capital of Alaska? Sincerely, Your friend, Tommyk. Look back on things you remember. Your brain MUST have some kind of “glue” in it.


While that may be part of the problem, convoccatoria must examine why you are not retaining. Good distractors are there for a reason!

I see the Step 1 as mainly a test of recall. I remembered then a number of questions from the real exam. Know how long you personally need to study overall and convoctoria many hours per day.

You need “total concentration” like Bruce Lee said in the movie, “Enter the Dragon” to memorize effectively. Chart how you are progressing!

Do so in individual sessions convoocatoria or more often. The Step 1 is about understanding yes, but more importantly When I ask, “What is the mech. The difference is that some people do indeed memorize faster than others. You need a system of rewards also to buttress your progress.

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