Healthy School Fundraising. Although pizza kits School fundraising efforts can usually be classified as Alliance for a. Companies view school fundraising as an opportunity to make direct sales now and to cultivate brand 1 Bridging . • For additional healthy fundraising ideas, California Project Lean has created a handout which can be found at.

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Twenty ways to raise funds schoolfnudraising candy. It offers parents solutions, and ideas for simple things they can do in their own lives,schools, and communities.

Milk vending – a new option. Food is often used to reward good behavior. A free downloadable 21 page companion guide to the video is also available, and includes a summary of the video, sample discussion questions and handouts. Raising Healthy Active Kids.

Sweet Deals: School Fundraising can be Healthy and Profitable

Getting Your Message Out: Unfortunately, the reward oftenundermines nutrition education and encourages over consumption dchoolfundraising foodshigh in fat or sugar. An exaggeration here, an inflated claim there. New resources for school food service. A la carte and vending items for a healthy school environment. Schools across the country are working hard to improve school nutrition.

Healthy School Fundraising Success Stories

Alternatives to Using Food as a Reward. Below each link is a brief description. Make your voice heard in the halls of Congress, in city halls, and in corporate boardrooms.


Invitation to school policymakers. Wellness Policy Wellness Committee. Skip to main content. Family Book bag is for children ingrades K-2 and can be schoolfunraising in classrooms, out-of-school-time programs,home-visiting programs or any other programs that serve children in thisage group.

David Satcher, former U. Meeting the Needs of Low-Income Students, a guide for anti-hunger advocates, parents and school community leaders czpinet address the special concerns of low-income students in local school wellness policies. Colorado School Site Resource Kit. Includes a list of websites. Resources to Improve Schools. You also may search for a specific topic. Resources are available in the following areas: Creative Financing and Fun Fundraising.

Healthy Fundraisers for Schools: But what is not as clear is how to implement the changes needed to make a lasting improvement. Resources for school staff. For more information, contact the Center for Science in the Public Interest at nutritionpolicy cspinet. American Academy of Family Physicians-school-based educational program that teaches third and fourth graders about the importance of fitness.

School Wellness Policy Web Resources. With childhood obesity and its alarming consequences at an all-time high,the value of improving nutrition and physical activity in our nation’s schools is clear.

Your tax-deductible gift fuels the fight for safer, healthier food. They not only encourage positive behavior in the classroom, but in thelunchroom as well. Website by SchoolMessenger Presence. This page lists links that provide resources to implement the SouthKingstown Wellness Policy. This Media Guide consolidates the information in one location, for easy reference and use. A PDF newsletter with Csponet fundraising ideas.


The Family Book bag program was created so that children andtheir families can have fun reading together at home, while at the sametime learning about eating healthy and being physically active. Michigan Team Nutrition Resources. A Media Guide for Team Nutrition. What schools can do. Many health and nutrition experts are featured in the video, including Dr. Illinois Schools Take Action. Web-based resources that offers specific, simple bulleted list of ways to promote health through healthy fund raising.

Resources | Healthy Orange

Every Body is Good. How school policymakers can make a difference. Food and Fitness Matter: The Colorado School Site Resource Kit empowers school personnel to implement programs and policies that model and promote a healthy school environment. With a constant stream of ads, advice, and promotions competing for our eyeballs, who can keep track of what’s true and what’s not?