About: Before Spielberg’s go-to writer David Koepp wrote Crystal Skull, super screenwriter Frank Darabont worked on a draft of the script. Our final lost Indy script involves The City of the Gods. Darabont turned in three versions of his screenplay, culminating in ‘s Indiana. An alternate version of the script, possibly written by Frank Darabont, was (briefly) posted on the Internet.

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The meaning of inxy all. Glad that one never left the barn. So much of “is it better” relies on the very specific words used in each line of dialogue. If Indy was in a classic horror type story Plus, it’s out at a time when that part of the world is still very foreign to me and has a sense of magic all its own, so the actions of everyone seems realistic.

It’s posts like this that make me wonder how many awesome movies are never going to get made.

The Lost Scripts, Part III: Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods | Mental Floss

I dunno, I can see sort of why Temple of Doom was the weakest of the original Indy trilogy but I loved it growing up. But it was fine when he and his idiots survived falling out of a plane and down a mountain in an inflatable raft.

The City of the Gods script was leaked to the internet shortly after Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was released in the summer of And, you know what, I’m dying to know what it does. Hard to say if it would have made for a better filmwell I take that back because there is no mention of Mutt.

It was widely reported beforehand that Darabont had written a rejected Indiana Jones screenplay. I’ve seen it quoted as ‘Earf’ so many times. Indy gets his hands on the bag and finds it contains one of the 13 legendary crystal skulls.


Darabont turned in three versions sarabont his screenplay, culminating in ‘s Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods. I thought the heart of the story was Indiana Jones winning back Marion. I mean, the stones are magicso why not?!?!

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When I read that I immediately thought the same. As a poor analogy, what if after 3 movies featuring time traveling Terminators, a forth movie features a Terminator zombie reanimated by a wizard? The 50s setting makes sense considering Ford’s age. If Raiders and LC establish that the Judeo-Christian god is at least somewhat real, nidy do aliens that ostensibly gave birth to all ancient civilizations fit into the world’s pantheon of supreme beings?

Basically I find it more believable that a fictional world would insy one source of supernatural power rather than multiple. Indy is daraont through the canopy, hitting treetops and scaring monkeys, until the plateau ends and he is finally able to drag himself into the cockpit.

I thought Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was great. The core story is the same, a lot of the moments are the same, the only plus it has is it not having the kid in it.

To me, it csript as ill-considered as if the writers had thought, “people drown underwater because they need air I felt like in tone, he captured Indy as a character much better, as well as the sort of old movie adventure feel of the villains that you get in I and III.

Nobody should have that much power. It’s all pretty much based in reality. The irony of nuking the fridge becoming so ubiquitous as a term for unrealistic plot devices is that it was actually a valid tactic. And the action scenes? He talks this time, specifically calling himself a being worthy of worship. I think an autistic kid with no limbs could write a better movie.


I didn’t see much daraont or worse. Or if, in The Two Towers, just as Helms Deep is about to fall, they are rescued by a band of traveling ninja warriors. Indy would join up with this mysterious person and his colleagues, and they would go on the adventure to find it, of course being trailed by the Russians the whole time who want the power of the Ark for themselves. Amy Hennig, who wrote Unchartedis a phenomenal writer.

The Lost Scripts, Part III: Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods

All that fortune and glory? Oh yeah, there are still aliens. Pushing it here a little, but the only real big buy I have to give you is that there’s these magic stones that do magic things including pulling hearts out of chests and living zombies. But the two worked out a compromise – there could be aliens, but there couldn’t be flying saucers.

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Don’t get me wrong, it was better than Crystal Skull, but that’s not saying much. The pyramid begins to shake and crumble apart.

It’s not a bad film. Are the groan-inducing moments from “Crystal Skull” in here too?

Yeah, I would not have daraabont Lucas for passing on the script if the synopsis we read is accurate It doesn’t resolve any of the real problems with the 4th one. That movie is absolutely ridiculous if you try to break it down logically. Soon, five members of the group are lifted into the air and offered anything their hearts desire.