Buy De veghe in lanul de secara (Romanian books) by J.D. Salinger (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. De Veghe in Lanul De Secara De Jd Salinger. 11 likes. Book. 27 ianuarie , Cornish, New Hampshire) a fost un scriitor american, cunoscut mai ales pentru romanul său De veghe în lanul de secară (en.

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At one point in the story, though, we see that Caulfield can indeed hold someone very close to his heart. His so-called “astute” observations were average and typical were they supposed to be some inner look into the mind of an unapplied decara They are perceptive, amusing, and display a particular gift for understatement ‘very Original publication date I think it evokes ck aspect of adolescence and young adulthood–disillusionment, alienation.

Salinger puts readers on a roller coaster that veers from hilarious to heartbreaking — to enlightening — with every curve and hill.

Holden is dee jerk, a bore, a brat. I had this discussion with my friend Chris, who hasn’t read it: Everything golden seems tinsel now and no one around you sincere.

It’s sad that it took me so long, and that it took the death of its author to prompt me. All the wrong reasons for reading Catcher in the Rye: Its about not understanding the world in which he lives and being in the awkward stage in live where he is no longer a boy but not yet a men.


The protagonist anti-heroHolden Caulfield, is not an example of a serious student, in fact he is being asked to leave Pencey Prep because he was flunking most of his veyhe and was “not applying” himself to his schoolwork. Its also about loss the loss of innocence and childhood and the loss of someone close through death and growing up.

De veghe in lanul de secara

Falling off the cliff could be a progression into the adult world that surrounds him and that he strongly criticizes. At times he seems like a really nice guy; at other times, a jerk. But happily, Salinger’s mastery of the immediate post-war teenage lannul is such that Holden’s reminiscences aren’t dull.

Is anyone here from The Perks of Being a Wallflower?

Marius’s review of De veghe în lanul de secară

And strip away all Holden’s equivocation and peripatetic self-destruction and you get to one of the warmest, most bittersweet hearts in literature. I hated Holden’s constant negativity; he was a spoiled brat and needed to stop being so ridiculous. Poate, pur si simplu, e o carte foarte-foarte buna.

There isn’t a more exasperating creature on Earth than a teenage boy when you’re an adult trying to get through to him. How I managed to get through four years of college and four years at a college prep school without ever having read “Catcher in the Rye” will remain a literary mystery.

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He wants to catch them and preserve them as they are, happy and innocent, to save them from becoming adults or, worse, from secra Holden Caulfield. Concerning the mythology of this book which following a number of high profile events in modern history have overshadowed the novel itself; I found myself growing up at a time when ‘Catcher in the Rye’ had achieved cult status more for its associations with anti-social lifestyles than lnaul it’s literary merits – which was a great pity.


Holden isn’t just whiney, from my adult perspective he’s absolutely insufferable. Like many of us, he kept thinking that some new situation or place would make things different.

I think I get why. But the author leaves it open. And that’s a big fuckin bummer. Conjuratia imbecililor by John Kennedy Toole. I certainly didn’t carefully time it so that would be the case!

Lectura Audio: J.D. Salinger – De Veghe In Lanul De Secara

I can’t help but feel today’s teens have a point. Maybe in another 60 years the language will feel fresh again in its unfamiliarity. Hated this book when I was 15, and hated it even more when I reread it in at the age of