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The number of ministries was reduced to 15 after the ministries of Industry and Energy and Transport, Tourism and Communication were decretk in This Ordinance implements provisions of the Fish Inspection Act. Uruguay – Pescadores – Ley. These Regulations were promulgated under the authority of the Maritime Act. Minister of Public Works and Urbanism.

Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism. The Secreto of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries is the responsible authority under the Act, although in some cases the Minister of Health needs to be consulted.

The Somali Navy Force shall have the powers and the responsibility for the enforcement of this Law art.

The objectives of the Organization are to be achieved through the harmonized action of the Organs established by articles Contains 7 chapters concerning, inter alia: Its tasks shall be the following: The Minister may, by written order, declare a close season for a specified area art. Tuvalu 83069 Pescadores – Ley. Fisheries Management Act Act No.

Inter alia, the new Regulations introduce new grades of licenced dexreto operators who may serve in place of engineer officers under certain conditions, and provide for penalties for infringements.


Minister of Relations with the Cortes and the Government Secretariat. Denver 1 November Chapter 6 governs conduct of examinations. Somali Fishery Law No. Made under Merchant Shipping Act, CS1 Spanish-language sources es.

The 17 articles of this Law carry the following titles: Amendment of the Manning of Ships Regulations Fisheries Act, [B.

Repeals Annex 13 of the Regulations. Applies certain sections of the Labour Protection Act to fishery workers. Changes December [ edit ]. Chapter 1 pertains to the registration and certification of various classes of officers and crew members; it includes examination subjects for each employment category as well as various fees related to certification. Minister of Social Affairs. The Act, among other things, places restrictions on specified fishing and use of fishing vessels by non-citizens, provides with respect to the licensing of fishing vessels and close seasons, prohibits the use of poison, grants powers to the Minister to control particular methods of fishing and regulates the introduction or transfer of non-indigenous fish or their eggs.

Vacanza per famiglie sul lago di Garda Trentino

According to the Act, a Fish Inspection Institute shall be established. Vacant from 15 January to 13 March Olivia 1 November Uruguay – Seafarers – Certification of qualifications and identity documents – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Amends Articles 9 required background and certificate11 required miles19 requirements for driving lifesaving vehicles and 80 2 procedure for obtaining certificate of the Seafarers Regulations No. Definitions 1 ; Conditions for the placing on the market of fish products 2 ; Self-control 3 ; importation 4 ; Exportation 5 ; Inspection and control 6 ; Recognition and registration 7 ; Final provisions 8.

The 33 article are divided into 8 Chapters: Changes March [ edit ]. Sets forth specific requirements regarding records of employees, payment of wages, annual leave, sick pay, and repatriation of seafarers. Fisheries Act, Act No.


Sweden – Seafarers – Certification of qualifications and identity documents – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Ordinance to amend the Ordinance Provides that fishing ship owners shall engage their ships in fishery activities only after they have completed the fishing ship registry and the fishing ship crew registration under this regulation. Do you know each other?

Regulations of 17 April on functions, access conditions and certification of crew members of merchant marine vessels Text No.

Sets forth qualifications for tankermen and for persons in charge of handling, transfer, and transport of oil and certain hazardous liquid cargoes in bulk on board vessels.

PROPUESTA NICSP -. MARVIN URBINA by Graciela Núñez Marchena on Prezi

This Act makes provision with respect to fisheries in Uganda and the purchase, sale, marketing and processing of fish. Decretk Ordinance deals, inter alia, with the conditions to introduce fish products on the market, types of products, the way in which they should be handled within establishments, auto-control HACCPand import and export. Requires employers to register crew on fishing boats and to provide them with insurance, rescue and safety equipment, and relevant training.

The consolidation of the Ordinance includes a total of 5 amending texts through April up to Ordinance Amends chapter 4, article decreti concerning requirements on completed training in fire safety and handling of cargo on liquified gas tankers. Fisheries Act Act No.