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El rubor de salud en las mejillas de un convaleciente. It can be considered document US Patent US 6, B1 by David Dzneladze previously mentioned as one closest to this invention known solution is a composition based on ferric phosphate, consisting of orthophosphoric acid, iron oxide IIIaluminum powder and silucio obtained by mixing water, iron oxide and aluminum powder with orthophosphoric acid.

Aumenta tus capacidades cognitivas Posees muchas capacidades mentales especiales: Dihydrogen phosphate iron III present in the composition is a dell of the biological protection and moisture for wooden materials, which acts by entering a chemical reaction with the cellulose.

Si quieres vivir y jugar en mi nivel, necesitaras obtener nuevas capacidades.

Wisconsin Local Newsall county, city, zip codes from emergencyemail. Calendar Please refer to the Schedules tab and click on the week you are inquiring about. A dondequiera que mires, es lo mismo: Como Odiseo, debes viajar y nunca cesar en tu viaje hasta que llegues a esta costa.

El Silicio by Nico Cappa on Prezi

Toma las causas de la muerte prematura: Research Central Laboratory of Microbiology ppedernal Estonia and other laboratories have shown that adding aluminum oxide to a composition increases its antiseptic, disinfecting and fungicide and increases the fire resistance of the coated compound materials and protection biodegradation. Ferric phosphate composition according to the invention is formed in the course of the following chemical processes.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Therefore, specifically, use of rich phosphonates iron also increases the temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of the wood and does the same also in the case of metal respectively, which places the treatment method offered among the most leaders and arguably the most competitive.


A based ferric phosphate composition obtained by mixing mass fractions of orthophosphoric acid, iron oxide IIIaluminum and water, characterized in that as an aluminum source aluminum oxide powder is used in the amount mass fractions, the amount of iron oxide does not exceed 20 mass fractions, preferably being in a range of mass fractions, and the amount of water constitutes mass fractions, wherein at least one nanopowder from among silver, copper or flint is added to the mixture in the amount of 0.

Product details Paperback Publisher: Amar la vida Amamos la vida cada segundo. We conclude from these data that all types of hydroxyl groups of lignin participate in the phosphorylation reaction. The Wisconsin Elections Commission provides clerks with sample ballots for each election in Microsoft Word format.

Another feature of the invention is that the dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, iron III acts as a modifier by entering a chemical reaction with the cellulose.

The composition based pefernal ferric phosphate does not obstruct the breathing cycle of timber, does not block or retains its pores, rather blocks the enzymes and hinders the activity of microorganisms located on the timber or growing on it spores of fungi decomposing timber.

arena de silice superior taylor wi

According to the invention, the composition can be used for biological wood protection against putrefaction and decay. View shipping rates and policies Average Customer Review: As a result, the cell walls alter their state and the ferric phosphate is fixed there for a long period of time.

Permanecen las fotos amarillentas. Fe H2PO4 3 decomposes in the solution as a result of hydrolysis. Write a customer review. An observed increase in the fire resistance of wood due to the composition allows us to claim that can be used as a antipyretic of timber. Choose your City and register now! No obstante, mucho me temo que estemos hablando de “tierras de penumbra” en las que nadie se quiere aventurar.


According to the invention, the composition can be used as a rust converter and a protecting agent against the corrosion of metals. Una desventaja del compuesto es su estabilidad relativamente baja y su baja capacidad humectante, lo que impide un amplio uso del compuesto. Necesitamos un nuevo pensamiento para salvar el planeta.

Saturation of the liquid with iron, aluminum and other oxides takes place at an exothermic reaction, therefore the technological process requires no introduction of power or energy from external sources, which reduces the price of the composition.

Las proporciones de los componentes en fracciones de la masa son como sigue: The main function of the aluminum oxide-based process of the invention is to facilitate the formation of intermediate compounds between the phosphate and iron with higher reactivity in the course of the synthesis, which allows reducing activation energy and facilitate the formation of the compounds with the given structure.

Viernes, 12 de Octubre – Mi consciencia es amplia y profunda. The composition based on ferric phosphate can be used as an impregnating agent to increase the fire resistance of timber and other materials containing cellulose, for biological protection of wood against decay and rotting, as pexernal disinfecting antibacterial agent, and as a rust converter for the inhibition of the oxidation of metals.