Download Citation on ResearchGate | Dioptrique oculaire de quatre espèces d’ araignées | The eyes ofCeratogyrus darlingii, Sparassus mygalinus, Lycosa. La dioptrique oculaire ou La théorique, la positive, et la méchanique de l’oculaire dioptrique en toutes ses especes. by Cherubin d’Orleans. La dioptrique oculaire, ou La theorique, la positive, et la mechanique, de l’ oculaire dioptrique en toutes ses especes. Par le pere Cherubin.

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Table of Contents, R – T. Skip to main content. Engineering – Indexes from American Publications, Table of Contents [Page 20]. Table of Contents, C – D. Table of Contents, H – L. Table of Dkoptrique, A – B. Table of Contents [Page 16]. The Grandeur of Life. Table of Contents, R. Privilege of the King. Table of Contents, C. Table of Contents [Page 8]. Table of Contents, E. Table of Contents, E – F.

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Cherubin D’Orleans, Le Pere [Michel de Lassere] (1613-1697) La Dioptrique Oculaire

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To the reader, second page. Table of Contents [Page 11]. Table of Contents, P.

Railroad Journals from the 19th Century. History of Cosmology – Views of the Stars.

Astronomy — Star Atlases, Charts, and Maps. Table of Contents [Page 3]. Thumbnails Content Dioptrique oculaire. Table of Contents, D – E. There is no text for this item. Table of Contents, L – M.

Dioptrique oculaire. :: Color and Optics

Table of Contents, B – C. Table of Contents [Page 2]. Table of Contents, O – P.


Table of Contents, O. Identifier col Call Number QC Table of Contents, P – R. Table of Contents [Page 18].