A translation of the twelfth-century Disciplina Clericalis of Pedro Alfonso, Disciplina Clericalis (English translation) from the fifteenth century Worcester. The scholar’s guide. A translation of the twelfth-century Disciplina Clericalis of Pedro Alfonso, by Joseph Ramon Jones and John Esten Keller. – La porosidad de las fronteras culturales: el “Calila y Dimna” árabe en la ” Disciplina clericalis” latina de Pedro Alfonso, rabino y cristiano aragonés.

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Since there was no real polemics about Islam at this time, it was important to make it known to his readers that he had the authority to diisciplina about Islam. A Much Travelled Story. Views Read Edit View history.

Petrus Alphonsi

Because Petrus came from Iberia, alfohso place where polemics were initiated from actual dialogue and actual knowledge of rival religions, he was able to bring his Andalusian polemic with his firsthand knowledge of Judaism out of Iberia to Latin Europe, and transform the Latin polemical tradition.

Traces issues of clerics causing the death of another human being from the early Middle Ages through Gratian to the 13th century.

It became one of the most widely read and used anti-Jewish polemical texts of the Middle Ages, as Tolan shows. The University of Queensland. It contains many commands concerning the pleasures of this present life, by which fact divine love is shown to have been greatest toward them… If you should investigate the basis of this law, you will find that it is grounded on an unshakable foundation of reason.


Medieval Perspectives 31 Learning and scholarship — History — Medieval, — Sources. Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, He did this through pointing out scientific inconsistencies in the belief of Judaism. He was the first Christian polemicist to have a well-rounded knowledge of the Islamic faith.

Disciplina Clericalis

He spent several years there as court physician of Henry I of England reigned Chapters ii and iii were done into Hebrew and issued under the title, Book of Wlfonso. Alfonsi viewed Judaism as a conspiratorial, anti-Christian sect. Can I view this online? To include a comma in your tag, surround the tag with double quotes. You can view this on the NLA website.

Catalog Record: The scholar’s guide. A translation of the | Hathi Trust Digital Library

By arguing against himself in the Dialogihe was able to set the parameters of the argument without any unforeseen issues from a second party. His success was due in large part to his ability to bridge several cultures: Alfonsi clericaliw directly made this claim, but rather wanted his readers to think that Christianity was correct, and that opposing religions would work together before ever conceding that Christianity was the valid choice.

This single location in Queensland: Previously Christians would merely peruse the Talmud for inflammatory references to Jesus in order to invoke Christian disdain towards the Jews.

The priest who was considered to be reformed corrected could be released back into pastoral service. He attempted to avoid this problem by challenging the Talmud and rabbis.

Disciplina Clericalis Research Papers –

Alfonsi’s fame rests chiefly on a collection of thirty-three tales, composed in Latin at the beginning of the 12th century. In the Dialogus Alphonsi relates that he traveled to England as magister in liberal arts. We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. Eine klerikale Zeitschrift im Umfeld des Wiener Priesterseminars Medieval Spanish physicians Medieval English medical doctors Medieval Jewish physicians of Spain Medieval Jewish physicians of England Spanish Jews Converts to Roman Catholicism from Judaism Jews of Al-Andalus English Jews of the Medieval and Tudor period Christian anti-Judaism Spanish Roman Catholics Medieval Jewish astronomers Medieval Spanish astronomers 11th-century Spanish people 11th-century English people 12th-century English people 12th-century Spanish people 11th-century births 12th-century deaths 11th-century Jews 11th-century astronomers 12th-century astronomers 11th-century physicians 12th-century physicians.


Although Alfonsi may not have been the man who was forcibly converting Jews, his writings did enable later polemicist to fabricate even bolder claims of the Talmud including that it was satanic. With this belief, it portrayed the Jews as a people who would eventually see the truth and would ultimately convert to Christianity.

This was a clear deviation from the Augustinian tradition, and was only successful because of the unique position as a Jewish convert that Petrus Alfonsi occupied. Help Center Find new research papers in: