Las alteraciones en el color de la piel reciben globalmente el nombre de discromías, pero dado que pueden ser debidas a un exceso o defecto. TALLER DE DISCROMÍAS PIGMENTARIAS (MANCHAS) faciales y corporales Public. · Hosted by Distribuidora Go Rosario. Interested. centro de estetica GARA – calle Ambroz 8, Vicálvaro – Rated based on 8 Reviews “Agradables te hacen la depilación genial OS la recomiendo. La.

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Thus, these can be prepared by chemical synthesis by reacting a fatty acid or methyl ester and an amino-alcohol, most often in the presence of an azeotropic agent in order to favor the elimination of the water formed and the methanol formed. The composition according to the invention may also contain adjuvants that are common in the cosmetics field, such as stabilizers, preservatives, antioxidants, solvents, perfumes, chelating agents, odor absorbers, some chemical filters or minerals, a mineral pigments, surfactants, polymers, silicone oils and piggmentarias.

The D60 has been carried out a questionnaire on the subject in relation to the cosmetic qualities of the product tested.

In the model study irradiated, the product OX pigmejtarias the effect of ultraviolet. Ciscromias according to the invention advantageously correspond to the following general formulas: Ejemplo 6 example 6.

This cosmetic treatment method allows uniform the skin color. OX may have therefore a clear effect normal skin. Cosmetological good acceptability and tolerance allergological formula have been studied in parallel. Existe por lo tanto una necesidad para unas composiciones que presentan una actividad despigmentante o que aclaran la piel y que sean bien toleradas por la piel.

Discromías by Diana Sanders on Prezi

After 60 days of use, the average result is The amount of total protein in order to relate the amount of melanin in the amount of total protein. La cantidad de melanina. Cosmetic treatment process for skin lightening, characterized in that applied topically a composition comprising at least one oxazoline.

Protocolo de indicaciones de marcapasos. Kojic acid molecule depigmenting reference. Surprisingly, we have now demonstrated that oxazolines also exhibit depigmenting action.


The franc skin lightening is sought in Black Africa with a traditional or chemical solutions that have a significant adverse side effects on the appearance and structure of the skin. Ejemplo 2 example 2. Por otra parte, las hiperpigmentaciones tipo lentiginosis se asocian a diferentes neoplasias, sobre todo del tracto digestivo.

Use according to any of the preceding claims, wherein the composition further comprises another depigmenting active principle. Use of ddiscromias least one oxazoline for the preparation of an active medicament as a depigmenting.

We assessed the overall reduction in hyperpigmentation, after 60 days, depending on the different clinical criteria, the dermatologist.

Los pacientes presentan el cabello rubio fino, con ojos azules y piel clara. Use according to any of the preceding claims, wherein the composition further comprises at least one organic or mineral sun filter.

Lessons from the past–looking discromiass the future. The composition also advantageously comprises a mixture of vitamins vitamin C and E conferring anti-radical action and allows inhibiting nitrogen monoxide NO. Measurements are made dixcromias the level of hand, in an area with pigmentation stain.

Clinical manifestations and treatment of Menkes disease and its variants. En efecto, no se observa ninguna diferencia significativa entre el control y los tratamientos por el producto en el ensayo.

The average results observed for healthy skin control are: We have studied the cosmetic depigmenting efficacy and skin compatibility clinic cosmetic formulation according to the invention in the field of melasma of the face. The depigmenting properties of oxazolines can, according to another aspect of the invention, lead to the use of at least one oxazoline as an active ingredient for the preparation of an active medicament as a depigmenting.

The difference between the measurements T1 is The results of the effects of time and produced having a value less than 0. These modifications can settle in the epidermis and dermis or be due to a variation in the amount of melanin or melanocyte number.

Protocolo diagnóstico de hipopigmentación e hiperpigmentación cutánea – PDF Free Download

After 60 days, the dermatologist judged whether hyperpigmentation has been reduced from “satisfactory” or “very satisfactory” in Cosmetic or dermatological composition containing at least one extract of mulberry, at least one extract of skullcap and at least one salicylic acid derivative.


In addition, the melanin index measured on a healthy area normally pigmented skin in order to have a reference base. OX can have a dermo-cosmetic depigmenting product interest, for the treatment of cutaneous hyperpigmentation, for their ability to neutralize overproduction of melanin induced by ultraviolet radiation, but also by inhibiting its synthesis in unirradiated conditions.

During the study, no other depigmenting product on the areas concerned local cosmetic or drug use is applied. Initially, the mean MASI calculations for all the volunteers analyzed is Advantageously, said oxazoline is 2-undecyl-4,4-dimethyl-1,3-oxazoline, called OX, of formula: They have served for the precise location of the hyperpigmented areas.

Accordingly, a cosmetic depigmenting composition according to the invention comprising OX as depigmenting active principle, is effective and well accepted dermatologically on hyperpigmented lesions of melasma type. In the French patent application FR 2,, the inventors describe the use of oxazolines to inhibit lipogenesis in human adipocytes few.


La diferencia entre las mediciones a T1 es de 13,84 unidades arbitrariasmientras que era de 20,29 a T0. This composition may be more or less fluid and have the appearance of a white or colored cream, an ointment, a milk, a lotion, a serum, a paste, a foam or a gel.

The pigmentation may be without limitation spots of aging, a UV-induced spots or spots of phototoxicity perfume, medicament, exogenous toxic, burn or a chloasma. It has been monitored the skin condition from the initial state observed during the piigmentarias entry, by the dermatologist after 60 days of use of eiscromias tested product.

Peutz-Jeghers syndrome in a year-old boy: Skin aging is also characterized by the appearance of pigment spots.