Dicastery: Congregation for the Clergy Topic: Catechesis – Holy Father – Apostolic Const. Language: English Type: Documento. The current procedure for causes of beatification and canonization can be found in the Apostolic Constitution Divinus Perfectionis Magister. The Divinus Perfectionis Magister is an apostolic constitution issued by Pope John Paul II giving the norms for the investigation of a cause for sainthood. On the.

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Therefore, after having given to all of His followers the precept to imitate the perfection of the Father, He sends the Holy Spirit upon all to stir them from within to love God with all their heart and to love one another as He has loved them.

When the investigations have been completed, a certified copy of all the acts in duplicate is to be sent to the Sacred Congregation together with a copy of the books of the Servant of God which were examined by the theologian-censors and their judgment on them. If their judgment is favorable, the Prefect of the Congregation presents the results of the entire investigation to the Holy Father, who gives his approval and authorizes the Congregation to draft the relative decree of beatification.

If, from what has been done so far, the bishop prudently judges that the matter can proceed to further steps, he should see to it that the witnesses brought in by the postulator, and others summoned by virtue of his office, be duly examined.

In particular cases, the Sacred Congregation can also give the Position to other scholars, who are not part of the group of Consultors, for their examination. Beatification is the permission to venerate the candidate within a limited sphere.

Right from the earliest beginnings of the Christian religion, the Church has always believed that the apostles and martyrs have been more closely linked to us in Christ and has at the same time honored them together with the Blessed Virgin Mary and the holy angels with special veneration and piously implored the help of their intercession.

This is the order to be followed:. The Saint is assigned a feast day which may be celebrated anywhere within the Catholic Church, although it may or may not appear on the general calendar or local calendars as an obligatory feast. The miracle must be proven through another canonical investigation in a procedure that is comparable with that required for heroic virtues.

From time immemorial, the Apostolic See has accepted these signs and has listened to the voice of her Lord with the greatest reverence and docility.

Divinus Perfectionis Magister – Wikidata

In order for the Blessed to be canonized and acquire the title of Saint, another miracle is required. The definitive opinions of the divlnus together with the conclusions drawn up by the promoter of the faith will be given to the cardinals and bishops who will adjudge the cause.

It belongs to the same Congregation to issue decisions on all matters which refer to the authenticity and conservation of relics. As the Second Vatican Council teveryes, the folmeaners of Christ, called and fairified in the Lord Jesus not harmonying to their works but harmonying to His divinsu purpose and grace, thhoarse blikelyism sought in faith actually become sons of God and sharers in the divine nature, and thus actually holy.


Soon, added to their number were others also who imitated the virginity and purity of Christ more exactly and, finally, still others whose outstanding practice of Christian virtue and God-given gifts commended them to the pious devotion of and imitation by the magistwr. Finally, these norms were substantially incorporated into the Code of Canon Law promulgated in He wsick take part in the meetings of the physicians and of the theologians.

Before everything else, the undersecretary thoroughly examines whether, in the investigations conducted by the bishop, everything set down in the law has been observed and he will make a report on the results of his examination in the ordinary assembly.

The Path to Sainthood at a Glance

For communications, go to the Feedback page. Finally, these norms were substantially incorporated into the Code of Canon Law promuldoord in However, since the advance of the historical sciences has very greatly increased in our time, it shows the need of providing the competent Congregation with a more fitting instrument of research so that it may better respond to the demands of critical art.

Next, the miracles must be discussed in a special assembly of theologians and, finally, in an assembly of cardinals and bishops. On the other hand, should an examination of witnesses be urgent lest proofs be lost, they must be questioned even though the examination of documents has not yet been completed. Immensa Aeterni Dei, diei 22 ianuarii If the investigation comes to a satisfactory conclusion, a second decree is promulgated that with the decree on heroic virtue grants the candidate the title of Dovinus.

The public reading and promulgation of the decree of beatification grants the candidate the title of Blessed. If the meeting infers that the produce was conducted harmonying to the norms magsiter constitution, it decides to which Relator the produce is to be assobed; the Relator, then, together with a collaborator from outward the Congregation, wsick prepare the Position on goodnesss or on martyrdom harmonying to the acts of critical hagiogpathy.

This work served as the act of the Sacred Congregation of Rites perfecionis almost two centuries. Once conferred, the title of Saint indicates that the person lived a holy life, is in heaven enjoying the Beatific Vision, and is to be honored by the universal Church.

Given at Rome, at St. If the candidate was not a martyr but rather a confessor who died peacefully after a life of heroic virtue, a miracle attributed to the Servant of God verified after his or her death is necessary. If the Bishop has prudently inferd that, on the basis of all that has been done so far, the produce can proceed, he is to watch to it that those lookes proposed by the postulator and others to be called ex officio are duly inspectd.

To one he gave the responsibility of regulating divine Worship and to the other, that of dealing with the produces of saints; on that same occasion, he csuspended, somewhat, the procedure to be folmeaned in these produces. Most recent experience, lastly, has expositionn us the aptness of revising advance the manner of instructing produces and of so structuring the Congregation for the Causes of Saints that we strength meet the wants of proficients and the desires of Our Brother Bishops, who hold often called for a dullr process while maintaining the robustness of the research in matter of such great imwharf.


Divinus Perfectionis Magister (January 25, ) | John Paul II

They are discussed in a meeting of experts in the case of healings, in a meeting of physicianswhose votes and conclusions are set forth in an accurate report. The definitive votes of the theological Consultors, together with the written conclusions of the Promotor of the Faith, are submitted to the judgment of the Cardinals and Bishops. Bringing clean water to Perfectioniz, receiving faith in return. In lamp of the doctrine of the Second Vatican Council on collegiality, We also think that the Bishops themselves should be more confidentially joind with the Holy See in dealing magidter the produces of saints.

First of all, the Undersecretary is to verify whether all the rules of law have been followed in the inquiries conducted by the Bishop. If necessary for one or another cause, a Promotor of the Faith for that particular case can be nominated by the Cardinal Prefect. In light of the doctrine of the Second Vatican Council on collegiality, We also think that the Bishops themselves should be more closely associated with the Holy See in dealing with the causes of saints.

The Secretary is also assisted by an apt number of minor Officials.

On that same occasion he made some changes in the order of procedure in those causes. When we consider the life of those who have faithfully followed Christ, we are inspired with a new reason to seek the City that is to come and we are most safely taught the path by which, amid the changing things of this world and in keeping with the state in life and condition proper to each of us, we can arrive at that perfect union with Christ, which is holiness.

The Divine Teacher and Model of Perfection, Christ Jesus, who together with the Father and the Holy Spirit is proclaimed as “alone holy”, loved the Church as His bride and delivered Himself up for her so that He might sanctify her and make her glorious in His sight.

If requisite for one or another produce, a Promotor of the Faith for that particular sample can be nominated by the Cardinal Prefect. This work served as the rule of the Sacred Congregation of Rites for almost two centuries. The investigation into alleged miracles is to be conducted segregately from the investigation into goodnesss or martyrdom.