Promise of the Wolves: Wolf Chronicles Book One [Dorothy Hearst] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fantasy of wolves. A young wolf. Brilliantly weaving together original research, lovable characters and a dynamic, thoroughly engaging plot, The Wolf Chronicles is an adventure story in the. Summary: An absorbing and fascinating creation myth novel along the lines of Watership Down, but set among wolves and early humans.

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The characterization and the dialogue were by far my favorite aspects. Uearst I feel the author handles humans and their destructiveness very well in this book. It’s an excellent story — I’d like to see how it plays out — but I did not realize until reading this book how big a role the voice of a novel plays in my desire to read it. Dorothy Hearst Reviewed by Jill Murphy 4.

Promise of the Wolves

I read about this theory shortly after I started writing Promise and it quickly became the heart of the story. Mar 29, Megan rated it really liked dortohy. She is guided in the direction of the humans by a spirit-wolf whom only she can see. Only if the pack leader wolvss they are strong enough to survive and accepts them as pack do they receive their name. But Kaala is a wolf and life growing up in her world isn’t easy.

The story of Indru came from my somewhat whimsical take on thhe. As Kaala and Azzuen grow and learn to be wolf, they learn of the covenant of the Wide Valley, which governs the lives of all who live there, and forbids wolves to consort with humans.

And she sticks fast to those beliefs, never faltering or wavering in them. View all 3 comments. I am so excited to read the next in the series and hopefully see Kaala reunited with her mother. How and why did you first become interested in wolves?


By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. Will her mate be Pell or Azzuen? When I was writing Promise of the Wolves, I really wanted it to appeal to both adults and young readers. Finally, I broke down and asked to have Promise of the Wolves put on hold. Hardcoverpages. Rachelle Yes, and it is a fantastic read for girls her age.

I love this book quite a lot! I think I’ll become a wolf expert now She watched her siblings die and her mother exiled by the leaderwolf, all because of the blood and the rules broken by it.

A review of the author’s website held no hints of further novels It was this overly dramatic story about wolves, and the premise of was incredibly similar to this one, which made for an interesting read. But Kaala was named at birth because her mother knew that otherwise her daughter would never be accepted. Her bond with them is formed when she rescues a young girl from drowning. Other books in the series.

Promise of the Wolves (Wolf Chronicles 1) by Dorothy Hearst – book review

Jul 17, Kristi rated it it was ok. For me personally, because I was enjoying it so much, I never realised how much I was learning about wolves and humans yhe the way. The timing of these unexplained advances correlates, more or less, with when the first wolves appeared. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Just send us an email and we’ll put the best up on the site.

And that’s the story I’ve read so far. I definitely feel like this could or been condensed. Like love so much that I want to hug and squeeze the book to little pieces kind of love. My earliest influences were the greats doeothy science fiction.

If it turns out that my reasons for setting the book down fade in later chapters, I welcome comments to this rev I have to admit, I didn’t finish this book. At the heart of the story is the current scientific theory of co-evolution of man and wolf.


The road Kaala travels to ultimate understanding is a tortured one that, at times, borders on the tiresome, but this is a minor drawback in a book whose strength is in the depiction of life in and among wolf packs. I feel like, maybe, the prospect of this being the first of three novels in the series undermined this first book. Years of research into the world of wolves combines with mythical tale-telling to present a fantastical adventure set in a world filled with lore.

For this reason, her pack leader, Ruuqo, killed each of her siblings on their inspection day and drove her mother hexrst.

Lies that force her to choose between safety for herself and her friends and the survival of her pack–and perhaps of all wolf- and humankind.

I wouldn’t necessarily call this fast-paced, but that’s okay. In fact it took me a very long time to find the plot at all. I had the next book Secrets of the Wolves on reserve from the library but I’m returning it today.

Promise of the Wolves (Wolf Chronicles, book 1) by Dorothy Hearst

Reading about Kaala growing up is like watching puppies through a window at the pet store, which I can do all day. I mentioned that this was part of a trilogy, but this in no way felt drastically open-ended like the trend seems to be these days. Sprinting, outspoken and not one to back down from what she thinks is headst, Kaala was a strong lead, even when she was a small pup. I seem to change my answer anytime anyone asks me this, because there are so many writers who inspired me, and I can never make up my mind which to talk about.