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This is the most misleading and easily manipulated part of HD tech and it actually contributes to slowing growth of the technology because it makes folks aprehensive about sorluar either. Not nearly as much of a difference. It seemed to me interlaced would be better for computer projection than p, does it matter? Posted Aug 14, 9: However, most folks are not driven to pursue video perfection at any cost like the videophiles are.

And due to the increased resolution you may notice less visible pixelation on the p models, depending on how close you sit to the screen. Because a good picture is not just about pixel count.

Navigasyon Destek ve S. S. S.

I know most games don’t do p. D Post a Comment Alert Moderator A p projectors have more detail over p but the visual quality isn’t twice as good to justify double the dss. Project relies on revenue from these advertisements so please consider disabling the ad blocker for this domain. Logic would seem to dictate that investment in a relatively expensive p will be money down the drain at SOME point in the future who knows when.

Posted Jan 26, dw Technically, there is a difference between the two, the question is “can sprular average viewer with average HD content availability utilize p to the extent that it is worth two to three times as much as a very good p setup? Obviously Leonard is a die hard p videophile.


Native contrast levels, color accuracy, and the amount of light the projector throws should be far more important than p da p. Most important change to extension devs is that the 1. Likewise, a p signal has pixels of horizontal resolution vertical scan lines and pixels of vertical resolution horizontal scan linesso if you convert from p to i, you actually gain horizontal resolution, is this correct? And BTW, where can information like this be found?

Board index All times are UTC. As soon as P went mainstream all meaningful improvements to P projectors ceased. Sorry if this is not the right forum, I haven’t found better, either.

I could go on. Just like pcs, when the cpu clock sorulzr the speed of a ccmputer, which is soru,ar, you can’t judge a product based entirely on one aspect.

Posted Feb 28, 6: One of the holy grails for front digital projectors has been to make products that rival CRT black level. Not sure when that happened. Slight improvments only and the general population won’t notice the differnce at all. You just need a display capable of doing x The image has improved so much that I still can’t believe it. Just curious as my Optoma can down convert p to p, but as the ps3 can display both, I’m wondering if it’ll look better set to p or p It has been deprecate for a while.

p vs. p — Which is best for you?

With a projector, as de a TV, it would have a lot to do with how far away you are from the TV. Posted Jan 7, 8: The platform has a much better process for this.


Posted Nov 23, 7: Unless you’ve been living in the wilderness for the last couple of years, you know that p projectors are all the rage these days. Posted Mar 11, 2: Sure there have been improvements but if the lens on the old ptae was good enough to show the chicken wire effect surley its good enough to show the extra pixels?

This is beginning to be approached and achieved with the P projectors whereas P projectors have not made that leap. Posted Sep 19, 6: Posted Sep 12, 2: I just wanted to comment that I do see some web comments that are really off the wall. I’m considering buying a refurbished Epson that is p and would like to know your opinion on screens as well as refurbished products.

The additional resolution of a p projector won’t make most HD sports broadcasts look any higher in actual resolution since the signals are limited to lines of video information per frame.

Eurosport 1 – LyngSat

Red Foreman says it best. Some diehard people are saying a good P projector is better than an entry-level P projector–that is just a mythP technology is over and done with and has been for 3 years.

So many backward incompatibilities