The plants responded to the addition of vermicompost, with a 20% increase in size. Palavras-chave: nursery; earthworm; Eisenia foetida. · resumo em Espanhol. Lumbricus terrestris, especie conocida por sus características edáficas, agronómicas .. anélido (particularmente las especies Eisenia fetida y E. andrei) en los. Effects of ionizing radiation on the earthworm, Eisenia foetida, were as características químicas e a atividade microbiana do vermicomposto não foram.

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These findings demonstrate that CL or potential transformation products are taken into the earthworm body through dermal contact. These studies indicate that: In the present work we study the impacts of BPA on gene expression of Eisenia fetida, a widely used ecotoxicological model. AC-treated aged soil also showed two orders of magnitude lower equilibrium aqueous concentrations of PCBs compared to untreated aged soils. Diabetes is now regarded as a major public health problem.

The effective concentrations EC 50 values for juvenile and cocoon counts were The Canada-wide standards for petroleum hydrocarbons in soils regulate petroleum hydrocarbons based on four distillate ranges: The objective of the present study was to investigate the toxicity of 1-octylmethylimidazolium chloride [C8 mim]Cl on earthworms Eisenia fetida. Amsterdam, Elsevier Science Publishers, Title Replacement of fish meal by meal worm Eisenia foetida in the feed of broilers as an alternative source of protein.

The earthworm Eisenia foetida glycolipoprotein as known G is a blend of macromolecules with some biological properties including mitogenicity, anticoagulation, fibrinolysis, bacteriostatic and antioxidatiaon.

Bioaccumulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and survival of earthworms Eisenia andrei exposed to biochar amended soils. No effects have been observed in terms of mortality or weight reduction.

Como citar este artigo. Rupture of the cuticle, extrusion of coelomic fluid and inflexible metameric segmentation were observed, causing desensitization of the posterior region leading to fragmentation in earthworms. We also present limited evidence that Au NPs may cause adverse effects on earthworm reproduction. Firstly, a reliable method to discern between E. The necessity for have efficient tools in the environmental assessment of production processesis treated in this paper.


Growth and reproductive potential of Eisenia foetida Sav on various zoo animal dungs after two methods of pre-composting followed by vermicomposting. Chronic soil tests and acute eiseina tests were performed, and gene expression was analyzed in total tissue and in masculine reproductive organs of the earthworms.

A study was initiated to investigate this through toxicity caracteristicaa toxicokinetic studies with the earthworm Eisenia andrei. Addition of earthworms resulted in greater total respiration of all soil and straw treatments except two the land-farm and the 1: Earthworms can accumulate PAH as a consequence of exposure to biochar-treated soils and transfer them along the food chain.

Earthworms are the most suitable biological indicators of radioactive pollution because they are the parts of nutritional webs, and are present in relatively high numbers. The study compared several chemical extractions which intended to quantify the mobile or bioaccessible fractions with uptake and bioaccumulation by earthwormEisenia fetida.

Mean growth of Eisenia in dilutions of the A soil ranged from 48 to 74 mg dry-weight growth per pair of worms; these values were lower than those in any dilution of the B soil series.

Características da minhoca Eisenia foetida – Benefícios e mais-valias ambientais – Research

These results suggested that DBP induced serious oxidative damage on earthworms and induced the formation of reactive oxygen species ROS in earthworms. De acordo com Matheus e Silva et al. The results indicated that the median lethal concentration of carbendazim for E. Earthworm caractrristicas exposed to each treatment were collected on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th day of the treatment. The worms were killed with liquid nitrogen, dried in the oven, and digested with aqua regia for ICP-MS analysis.

Aged crumb rubber, like new crumb rubber, had high levels of zinc. The present study focuses on identifying the potential transcripts and predicting their functional features by annotating the transcriptome dataset of nerve cord tissues prepared by Gong et al. Paramyosin-like immunoreactivity was localized in thick filaments of all muscles studied.


Effects of earthworm Eisenia fetida and wheat Triticum aestivum straw additions on selected properties of petroleum-contaminated soils. Soil stabilization does not remove heavy metals from contaminated soil, but lowers their exposures to ecosystem.

Características da minhoca Eisenia foetida – Benefícios e mais-valias ambientais

In addition, histological analysis indicated that a better extracellular matrix formation with increased fibroblast proliferation, neovascularization, collagen synthesis and early epithelial layer formation was observed in G treated group. Pentachlorobenzene, hexachlorobenzene, and pentachlorophenol in children’s serum from industrial and rural populations after restricted. However, studies of the significance of natural transformation have focused primarily on pathogens.

Most of the genes were identified for the first time, providing potentially useful biomarkers for future assessments. Accumulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAH in earthworms exposed to the two biochar types at t ha -1 was tested in two soils of different texture.

The gas chromatography of the extracts detected only HCB and consequently, no degradation occurred, neither in the soil, nor in animal tissues. Earthworms are useful model organism and its different species are used to monitor soil pollution. The bioavailability and caracteriisticas of metals in soil are influenced by a variety of soil properties, and this principle should be recognized in establishing soil environmental quality criteria.

Leaded gasoline contains tetra ethyl lead TEL as an antiknocking agent, which produces major amounts of lead oxide in automobile exhaust along with eisejia of TEL. The paper wastes are being a big concern over past decades.

Heavy metal content in the vermicompost was within the limit of USEPA for Biosolids and the compost could be used for the agriculture purpose.