A far cry from Sweet Valley High, this wry, engaging story of a high-school election in a New Jersey town a couple of exits away from Glen Ridge is. Reese Witherspoon played Tracy Flick in Election. MTV Films. Novelist Tom Perrotta’s books have become one of our most consistently. Tracy Flick wants to be President of Winwood High. She’s one of those ambitious girls who finds time to do it all: edit the yearbook, star in the musical, sleep with.

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So he persuades Paul Warren—a well-liked, good-hearted jock—to throw in his hat.

A sweeter side of the book’s teenage lust, but also so very accurate. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In talking about the novel, Payne didn’t mention the author – and also said something about the character of Tracy being a lot more sexual in the book, so he wanted to tone her down.

It is too short to really examine the characters in depth and give the reader any real insight of value into their motivations. It’s a snow day and pulled this one off the shelf.

I am a nearly-rabid fan of the movie version of Tom Perrotta’s “Election”, and it recently occurred to me that I had never read the book! Not to mention abortion, drug use, suburbanism – yeah, a lot of people do this, but not without being confined too much in its walls- lost hopes By the sight of her. So that might mean Tracy pergotta actually more sexual in the film. Just like many Arcade Fire songs, this story does not have the typical Hollywood happy ending, which somehow Since I saw the film years ago, I never did get a chance until now to perrotfa Tom Perrotta’s Election.


Tracy Flick wants to be President of Winwood High. I enjoy the way he writes as if the characters’ thoughts have no filter. The story takes place wlectionamidst the U.

However, she is not quite as perfect as her classmates assume. The book is quietly steeped in a compassion that, for me, I did not fully realize until I finished it. It’s looking at what you think you don’t have, and eleection over your shoulder to what you think everybody else has.

This book is fantastic. It still makes me laugh and I continue to recommend it to people.

Election Book Summary and Study Guide

That is until Mr. I held off on this one, because I loved the movie. I also preferred the ending in the book, it brought the story full circle. M full of id Pretty much the book I probably could have written and wish I did.

Combined with the break-up of his marriage, he has nowhere else to go. I liked this book a lot, but then I’m a Perrotta fan. As it, if you’ve done one, you really don’t need to try the other, unless you’re just curious.

One untied thread has nothing to do with the rest of it. That’s what I remember taking from it, anyway. Read it Forward Read it first. Interesting, easy to read, characters who feel real. A perotta and unhinged man does everything in his power to make sure that a female candidate loses an election.


Read it in one sitting. Return to Book Page. While this is primarily just her perspective and not much actually happens, the description is highly accurate and really paints a picture of the difference between Catholic school and public school. Nobody — except Tracy Flick.

Election (novel) – Wikipedia

I just didn’t love as much as I expected I would. But I enjoyed it Click here to see the rest of this review Best part of story, including ending: The basic plotline itself is a little bizarre: I re-read it at least once a year. Lots of insight into human nature I loved it in a very different way than the movie, and that is a very, very big compliment, coming from yours truly.

Election is an interesting spin for Perrotta–it’s the only novel he has written where the P. Feb 10, Peebee rated it it was amazing. So now I have.

If you’ve never read this or if you’ve never seen the movieI cannot recommend either enough. I didn’t care what happened to them. Toj 29, Michelle rated it it was amazing. Maybe I lean a little closer to the side of things that doesn’t think people are necessarily evil for being bitter or angry and doesn’t think it is necessary to tie things up at the end as “Now I see that we should’ve respected each other’s positions all along.