Investigation by Berlin police Kriminalrat Hermann Albrecht quickly determined that the deceased was Erik Jan Hanussen, a well-known Berlin clairvoyant. Erik Jan Hanussen psychic, hypnotist, astrologer, amateur detective and publisher of tabloids was born Herschmann-Chaim Steinschneider in in a. “Erik Jan Hanussen: Hitler’s Jewish Clairvoyant” is sprinkled with small, apt photos and graphics from the Weimar era, as well as from the last years of the.

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One paper published the accusation that he was not Danish, but Jewish. These records contain no time of birth. Carrie Eri, rated it it was amazing Mar 13, A rattled Hanussen tried to reframe the narrative and insisted he had merely been adopted by Jewish parents. He predicted events in the lives of the individuals present, but controversy arose when he predicted the future of Germany.

In this piece, I particularly admired the primacy of indigenous knowledge: When he visited the Czech Republic inhe was arrested for defrauding the public out of funds.

Less than three years into his term, Johnson was coming under heavy fire for his Southern philosophy on reconstruction and freed slaves. Any story about a mysterious artifact that confounds experts han has my attention.

Do you have a demo reel? By some accounts, he conferred with Hitler habussen dozen times between andevaluating the bumps on his head, reading his palms, and reassuring the dictator that his rise to power was inevitable.

Erik Jan Hanussen |

Then comes along someone like Mary Frith, who in s England was dressing in men’s clothing, smoking, stealing, singing, having han written about her, and generally doing whatever she pleased. While the automata and musical instruments upstairs in the museum are sublime think ornate and expensivethese not-quite-ready for primetime players, including a taxidermy cat playing a harp and meowing “kittens” playing cards, were so incredibly awkward and sweet I think I squealed.


How does one tidy up the rooms of an ice hotel in Sweden? Charged with a number of nefarious activities, including fraud, in Germany and Czechoslovakia. Afterward, the seigneur gave me a tour of the house and casually showed me the centuries-old, yellowing charters that granted Sark its fiefdom—all signed by long-dead monarchs!

I’ve long been fascinated by the 17 miniature coffins a group of rabbit-hunting boys found in Edinburgh in Biographies Erik Jan Hanussen. The answer, it turns out, is: In spite of such sensationally accurate predictions, Hanussen also cold-bloodedly engaged an assistant to ferret out information and gossip for his regular stage performances to avoid having to rely solely on clairvoyance.

The place is definitely worth a trip to New Jersey, even if a child on a previous visit did scream “This is going to give me nightmares!

Erik Jan Hanussen – Wikipedia

Hanussen had quite an adventure filled life. Hanussen’s parents traveled constantly: Will the man trapped in the cave survive? Hanussen, probably due to his experience in the entertainment industry, was suspicious. And it worked this is the part where Jake would add that he got the raw end of that deal. At an early age he left school to join a circus, where he became a knife thrower, fire eater, and professional strong man. Readers of my reviews know that I am big fan of dark fiction.

Erik Jan Hanussen: Begabter und betrügerischer Hellseher

So when a typo mistakenly landed a cryptogamist a person who studies algae instead of a cryptogramist a codebreaker a job at Bletchley Park init seemed like one big embarrassing mistake.

We sometimes write about fun facts and trivia, or useful how-tos that allow our readers to live smarter. Inhe was the subject of another movie in the United States. Then he recited her home address. A Supernatural History of the Third Reich. This one is also a sadly timely story given the rollback in protections for migratory birds, not to mention other species, and a reminder that humans are the most dangerous animal of all.


CharlesPaolino’s Blog Things that come to mind. Around the same time Booth was preparing to shoot the President, his cohorts attacked Seward at his home, stabbing him to near-death.

He became successful, was always in demand in various venues, and had a full-time valet. Hanussen, who had kept his Jewish background hidden, became a public hamussen of the Nazi Party.

With the burning of the Reichstag, Hanussen became an embarrassment to the Nazisand in March he was taken for a car ride and murdered by three Nazi party members. At time the documents seem to overwhelm the factual details about the man and particularly his relationship to Hitler.

Jake and I had never spoken, emailed, or in any other way communicated we were both freelancers at the timebut I was determined to see him make some of my bizarre, half-formed story ideas come to life.

With arrogant poise Hanussen correctly told the state prosecutor the contents of his pockets, the judge the contents of his attache case, and gave other information about court officials. Predicting the Reichstag firea decisive event that allowed recently appointed Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler to seize absolute power inhnaussen Hanussen’s most famous feat of clairvoyance. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your han.

Retrieved from ” https: The presidency of Andrew Johnson arrived as the result of a tragedy that shook the nation. How much of Erik Jan Hanussen’s work have you seen?

It was too late.

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