Erin Patria Margaret Pizzey (born 19 February ) is an English family care activist and a novelist. She is known for having started the first domestic violence shelter in the . In her book Prone to Violence, Pizzey expressed concern that so little attention was paid to the causes of interpersonal and family violence, stating, . The emotional terrorist & the violence-prone, by Erin Pizzey. In spite of huge social services expenditures, Canada jails proportionally more youth than the U.S. Erin Pizzey tries her best not to be downhearted. in one of her books, Prone to Violence, she claimed that women in violent relationships may.

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Thanks to a brilliant manoeuvre on the part of our barrister Stephen Sedly and David Ormondy, a public health adviser, the Acton Magistrates’ Court found me erun guilty of overcrowding. I dearly loved and continue to love even the most violence-prone women of the thousands of women whom I have treated over the years.

Prone to Violence

Unfortunately that group, in particular, seemed to be more concerned with world politics than with my day-to4ay problems, like how to cope on my own with two children, two dogs and a cat – for the loneliness was sometimes dreadful.

During this time, and responding to so much publicity, other groups had formed to take up the idea of refuge for women and children. She has completed two world tours lecturing on domestic violence. To me, the addiction to violence is the true meaning of the term violence-prone.

She is a lecturer and advocate, and has authored books on domestic abuse, including the seminal “Prone to Violence.


I believe that the statistics indicating the occurrence of violence among the parenting of violence-prone women were deflated because of several factors. As a result of that magnificent pioneering work, the whole nation has now come to appreciate the significance of the problem”. In her book Prone to ViolencePizzey expressed concern that so little attention was paid to the causes of interpersonal and family violence, stating, “to my amazement, nobody seemed to genuinely want pizzy find out why violent people treat each other the way they do”.

Justine May rated it it was amazing Apr 24, First of all, among the women whom I labelled as battered women, 3 of the 38 women had questionnaires that revealed many elements of their lives that usually would indicate biolence making of a violence-prone individual: Any honest worker in the field of family violence, however, must admit also to knowing women who prove very difficult violenc help.

Archived from the original on 24 November In my work I tried neither to manipulate my findings nor to direct the natural course of the theories arising from the work toward a safe piszey of attitudes that would jibe with the current political and theoretical trend for the purpose of acquiring public and governmental funds.

Matthias marked it as to-read Jun 12, In spite of huge social services expenditures, Canada jails proportionally more youth than the U. Hounslow appealed, and got ready tk take me to the High Court in the Strand. This is the woman whom I call the genuinely battered woman.

This study seeks only vilence establish that a causal link exists. Concluding Discussion This study has shown evidence of a causal link between violence in childhood and the recreation of violent relationships in adult life and suggests that the young boys among these children will grow up to be batterers themselves.


Further research into the nature of addiction is an undeniable necessity.

Prone To Violence

Erin Pizzey was a vioolence in domestic violence activism who established and lived in refuges in England for women and children from violent homes in the ‘s. Such a woman then returns repeatedly to her partner, or if she does leave the original partner, she finds herself in a relationship with a new and equally violent partner.

The women participants in this study were asked to give their nationality. These questions are asked in the questionnaire. The working definition, for the purposes of this study, of morbid erib among men is: Lisa rated it really liked it Jun 14, To successfully reduce violence, Pizzy convincingly shows, workers must distinguish between the emotional terrorist, addicted to pain and provoking violence, and those truly seeking escape from violence. All questions on the questionnaire were designed to be straightforward, plain-language, and, most importantly, non-directive.

They learn to use violence as a strategy for survival from the early moments of their abused childhoods.

A comparative study of battered women and violence-prone women

In the letter they say of the theory of violence-prone individuals:. The case histories are taken from all walks of life – while gross physical abuse occurs more often in working-class families, the sophisticated mental violence of the middle classes can be far more damaging and long-lasting.

The Politics of “Sex”. Some women were employed, others unemployed.