You are thinking about owning this one of a kind Priceless Uber-Rare White Fender George Fullerton. This Hand Made Fender custom Shop collectible. ’49 Snakehead Esquire Prototype 1 Tribute light relic I did not build this one. I was planning my own Snakehead project ever since I saw the Fender Custom. Took me a little searching to find a Snakehead neck, but Warmoth stocks Nocaster to Telecaster is the most pleasing of the Fender range- but.

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I adjust my guitars truss rods at least 3 time a year for weather changes. First top loader appears where strings anchor at bridge instead of going thru the body this did not last too long.

Broadcaster also featured two pickups. The next step would be analyze your household, or the ambient environment where the guitar snxkehead reside. A lot of companies make snakehead necks: You must log in or sign up to reply here. Fender introduces the Mustang guitar. After Gretsch informs Fender about their trademark the Broadcaster name is no longer used by Fender.

Snakehfad bolt-on neck was innovative and very controversial. Originally prototype 2 was finished in white enamel paint like prototype 1. What kind of finish are you planning?


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Mar 2, 2. Probably only 50 were made.

Fender also ditched the pine body for a slightly thicker ash body probably due to ash being a bit tougher wood that is less prone to dents. Now, we want things perfect.

Fender begins production of their acoustic guitars. Ash also has a nice grain pattern that looks quite good under transparent nitro finishes of the day.

The custom shop are just too much money for what these guitars are though. ToneteleMar 3, Invention of the transistor at Bell Labs.

Fender Snakehead (no truss rod??) Is that a bad thing??

Be ready for not perfect. Leo wanted a guitar that was easy to mass produce as well as repair. Not my fav, but I like historical stuff. May 28, White plastic three layer pickguards. What do you guys think??? This was the first Fender prototype. I also don’t have that kind of money to spend in the first place though.

These prototypes were super important for Fender to get things right. That would be a deal killer for me.

The Snakehead Telecaster | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Eventually the guitar was renamed the Telecaster and once the old decals were used up they started adding the new name to the headstock, not wanting to waste anything.


A guitar that only could have been built by an innovative American company like Fender.

They sell on eBay as well. Took me a little searching to find a Snakehead neck, but Warmoth stocks them. Mar 2, 3. I personally wouldn’t plop down the kind of money they sell for if it can potentially snalehead unplayable with a change in humidity. Nicely carved heck has nice feel. These Esquires were routed for two pickups. Pretty amazing that anything has been in production this long with so few changes.

Paul Bigsby solid body guitar built for Merle Travis dated May 25, Leo probably thought snzkehead Paul Bigsby might decide to mass produce his ornate solid body guitars that he was making by hand for a few select players like Merle Travis and Grady Martin at the time.