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interrogation procedures are in FM ) A programmer/battery charger, code input computer, shipping and storage containers, and code. STINGER TEAM OPERATIONS | Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers hand- picked children’s books every 1, 2, or 3 months — at 40% off List Price.

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Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of This method is the firing of a first missile SHOOT as soon as the requirements for an engagement are met, then an evaluation LOOK of the first missile to see if it hit the target. He also modifies their state of readiness by changing the air defense warning and controls their freedom to fire by use of WCS and fire control orders.

In the following four situationsplace yourself in the position of a Stinger team chief. Once weapons are unslung, safety procedures are adhered to and weapons readied for engagement as expeditiously as possible. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. When the team chief has made a firm decision, he will issue an engagement command to the gunner. It is critical that this decision be timely and accurate.

Drill will be performed in a non-MOPP and MOPP 4 environment, during the hours of daylight and darkness, and under all weather conditions in which threat aircraft may be launched against assets being protected. Team members will be in foxholes and weapons will be set on the ground close by in ready-to-fire condition. The team chiefs engagement command releases the gunner to fire when the gunner decides that the aircraft meets the technical requirements for a successful engagement.

When the gunner detects the target or receives information from the team chief on the target’s location, he will attempt to acquire the target in the sight. The gunner and team chief are each carrying a Stinger weapon. This drill will be performed in a non-MOPP and MOPP 4 environment, during the hours of daylight and darkness, and under all weather conditions in which threat aircraft may be launched against assets being protected.


All other raids are single target raids.

FM Stinger Team Operations – Chptr 5 The Engagment Decision

These preliminary steps serve to resolve any doubt or questions that may exist in their minds prior to actually handling the equipment and to cm the safety precautions applicable to the system.

Once the team members are confident with their equipment and procedures, the crew drills can be run.

He must make the decision based on rules of engagement contained in the unit TSOP and with criteria given to him by the section chief. During the walk through, team 44-18-11 rehearse the crew drill, pointing out the equipment they will use and the actions they will perform. The section chief controls his teams during field operations through use of a detailed TSOP.

A multiple target raid is a raid by two or more aircraft flying the same course, at the same speed, less than 1, meters apart. Given the Stinger basic load properly loaded and secured on the M cargo trailer, a MANPAD team with their individual combat equipment positioned five paces from the trailer, with Stingers on their shoulders, the gunners have fired.

Stinger Team Operations (FM 44-18-1)

To accomplish this, the team chief must thoroughly understand the rules of engagement and control measures applicable to the Stinger system. Over this net the section vm maneuvers his team and obtains information on their status and location.

Rearrange the weapons-round and missile-round container in the M trailer after missile expenditure. The fire control orders used by team chiefs are shown in the illustration.


These elements are as follows:. Looking for beautiful books? This manual focuses on the techniques and procedures used by the Stinger team to engage and destroy hostile targets. It is also written to support the training of individuals to function as members of a Stinger team.

Once the sequence is mastered, training can be conducted on any drill with which the team is weak until the desired level of proficiency is reached. These actions and decisions must be understood by both team members prior to and during an engagement. Several essential elements of the engagement sequence must be met before the gunner can fire his weapon.

Full weapon-round and missile-round containers should always be on top for immediate use. Next, team members should walk through the procedures with a trained and experienced team member. The Best Books of The team chief engages the trailing or left hostile target. To be successful in their mission, the team members must work together as a team.

Once initiating alert has been received by team members, they immediately climb out of foxholes and prepare their weapons to engage threat aircraft. The team vehicle M will be moving at not more than 15 miles per hour and a radio transmission alerting the team will be received initiating the drill.

They must adhere to these safety requirements and not risk personal injury or equipment damage for the sake of speed. Sign In Sign Out. Enter Your Email Address.

Additional guidelines for conducting the crew drills include the following:.