This page contains the US Army Field Manual on The Infantry Battalion. FM INFANTRY FIELD MANUAL. RIFLE BATTALION. This manual, together with FM , June 2, and FM 7 May , supersedes FM Topics enemy, battalion, commander, operations, infantry, force, combat, support, units, Identifier milmanual-fmthe-infantry-battalion.

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With or without augmentation, the battalion constructs obstacles, emplaces and clears minefield, prepares demolitions, improves roads, provides bridging, and digs fighting positions. Clothing Exchange and Infabtry Services Personnel Services Support Sequence of Attack Categories of Combat Service Support Types of Retrograde Operations All units must report information obtained in the normal course of operations.

Air Defense Weapons Systems This is the ability to think and act faster than the enemy. He fights forward and issues orders as needed, orally and face-to-face when possible. Friendly combat power is relative to that of enemy forces fhe at the point of decision; therefore, any actions taken to degrade enemy firepower, protection, maneuver, and leadership increase friendly relative combat power. Completion of Plan The commander must understand how he and the enemy fit into the higher commander’s deep, close, and rear battles.

However, the infantry battalion’s main air defense asset abttalion a passive measure: Exchange of Equipment Development of Defensive Concept Enter Your Email Address.

FM 7 20 The Infantry Battalion

Infantry may dominate in low-intensity conflicts due to its rapid strategic deployability and its ability to meet the enemy on equal terms.


This is the ability to set or change the terms of battle through action. Battalions may operate in restrictive terrain with few access roads. Security and Deception The battalion’s few dedicated, organic information-gathering assets include the scout platoon, infantry patrols, and PEWS.

The efforts of the battalion must be synchronized. This is possible when he gives subordinate leaders mission-type orders and allows them–within the scope of his intent–to exercise initiative.

FM The Infantry Battalion : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

When possible, reserves are employed. Top-Down Fire Planning Integration of Combat Support The combat elements of the battalion provide the means to destroy enemy forces, seize and retain terrain, and secure other forces. Using SOPs enables the commander to rapidly employ assets and to seize tactical opportunities without lengthy explanations batralion orders.

It requires commanders to maintain an offensive spirit.

FM 7-20 The Infantry Battalion

These actions include security, camouflage, deception, suppression, and mobility. Role of IPB Laundry and Renovation In addition to understanding the scope of their commander’s intent, each leader must understand his unit’s part in the commander’s concept as the main or a supporting effortso that he may confidently and boldly exploit success.

Degrees of Risk Soldiers should be committed only when firepower alone is insufficient to accomplish the mission. This implies a degree of independence and risk. The senior engineer unit leader advises the battalion commander on employing his engineer assets.


Receipt batatlion Mission Enter Your Email Address. The artillery FSE may also contribute by passing targeting information to the S2. Thermal sights permit them to fight during limited visibility almost as well as in good visibility. This is preserving the unit’s fighting potential so it can be applied at the decisive time and place.

To accomplish specific missions and conduct sustained operations, the battalion is normally augmented by additional combat, CS, and CSS assets.

It involves mental, command and control, and organizational abilities to adjust rapidly and to use the situation, terrain, and weather to defeat the enemy. Combat power includes the numbers of weapons systems and soldiers; the incantry state of training, cohesion, discipline, and morale; and the leader’s and soldiers’ tenacity, competence, and boldness.

FM The Infantry Battalion – Table of Contents

Defense from a Battle Position Initiation of Movement It may be supported by a Stinger section, a Vulcan platoon, or both from the divisional ADA battalion. The S2 also prepares the collection plan designed to infantrj the staff-developed decision-support template. The speed with which forces can concentrate and the high volumes of supporting fires they can bring to bear make the mixing of opposing forces almost inevitable.

Combat power is the ability to fight.