Faction book for hordes by justin_hove_1 in circlebanjax. Privateer Press PIP Forces of Hordes Circle of Orboros Command Sc (Book) Kit in Figures. Forces of HORDES: Circle Orboros Command provides the foundation you need to take up the work of this powerful and ancient order with.

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The Wold Guardian is another great new warbeast packing an impressive punch some great special rules, and an animus that ofrces have other factions drooling.

Forces of Hordes: Circle Orboros | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

If you want to go on to tier 3 you will need to take at least two Woldstalker units, but the bonus for doing so will let you get them further up the board with an advance move.

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Lets take a look. Tier 2 gives battlegroup beasts AD for each sentry or shifting stone unit you corces, and honestly you could probably stop here since wolds with advance deploy are amazing enough as it is.

Their protection of wild places is only a means to this end, as it is this natural energy that fuels their tremendous power, and keeps the Wurm strong. While not quite as tough as some other factions similar choices, these guys are a bit faster than your usual heavy infantry, and have the terror advantage.

The new unit is the Warpborn Skinwalkerswho finally give the Circle a heavy infantry choice with a bit of durability for holding objectives.

Very helpful if you are going to be advance deplying your warbeasts. One of my favorite new additions to this army is the Reeve Hunter solo.

And since the tree maxes out at 5 soul tokens, the cost to cast unseen path is exactly too much to allow you two boosted to hit castings hordss Hellmouth. He also gives them Brutal Chargewhich allows them to pose a threat to even the heaviest Warjacks. In this case that would be the Skinwalkers, but lets face it, the advance move on them is great, and helps them do their job of getting to horxes holding objectives even better.


Crimson Fists Rules Leaked. Tier 3 is where things start to get expensive, but if you take at least two Whitemanes, it allows you to advance move a Warbeast for every two solos you take. Moving on, the first of two new Warbeasts is the Warpwolf Stalker. To get the best bonuses though you really can only use it for 50 pt or higher games.

Just released this month, the eleventh book in a banner year, is Forces of Hordes: Tier 1 starts you off by letting you put sentry or shifting stones even further up the field.

Ogboros tier 4 advantage? One of the immediate problems with the Circle Tiers is the absence of Minions, which can work very well in many Circle lists.

This was a long awaited read, as it depicts for the first time forcs written encounter between ancient foes: While he is theoretically capable of killing up to 4 models per turn, I think its the way this guy pairs with the War Wolf solo that has me really excited. As a special action she may remove or place Fury on friendly warbeasts, or cast the animus of a friendly faction beast in her command range.

I do really like that a unique set of rules that was devised to give these very interesting characters their own flavorful playstyle. Search anything and hit enter. December 29th — Imperial Knights Dethroned. Some Warlocks still emerge as very clear winners however. Cruel and manipulative in the extreme the Potents of the Circle will sacrifice anything to prevent the godlike Devourer Wurm from returning to the mortal plane of Caen.

I think the best theme force in the book, and possibly one of the best in the game, is one of the ones already spoiled here on BoLS: While they do have a somewhat above average amount of damage between them, neither have very roboros defensive stats. So despite my initial misgivings I know if I was a Circle Player I would already be painting up the pair to use in casual games. If you include two of those units Tier 2 will give you a free UA that does not count against Field Allowance.


They come with 2 top notch spells in Curse of Shadows and Stranglehold but in order for the duo to use them effectively you have to put your Warlock at risk from two fronts. Not everything has to be tournament level competitive.

Forces of HORDES: Circle Orboros

The final Tier gives your battlegroup stealth the first turn of the game for taking the Lord of the Feast. The Reeves of Orboros Standard Bearer and Officer UA on the other hand, seems to bring little to a unit that already struggles a bit to make their points back.

Only those who love Ravagers need apply. And since Cassius is already going to be up there trying to get range to cast you now have two models at risk of attack since they share a single damage bar. Granting the Advance deploy rule allows the Tharn to get into combat even focres, and since they have comparably low armor for heavy infantry, getting shot less is a very good thing.

Circle Orboros Gentleben review Warmachine-Hordes. Or some shifting stones can move the tree further backfield allowing Cassius to use Unseen Path to get himself further out of danger.

The theme restricts you to living beasts, Forves units and solos, and the Lord of the Feast who gets to come along for the ride.

Nuala the Huntress is the Tharn Bloodtracker character UA, and the 2 points she costs is definitely a worthwhile investment for the extra offensive potential and krboros she brings to an already good unit. Flesh of Clay causes enemies to roll one less damage die on ranged attacks against a model under its effects.