Fostex FEES – R Full range speakers with lacquer finish. Asking Price: RM Condition: 8/10 Location: PJ Contact: Thomas. Fostex full range unit. units limited production. Ferrite magnet. FEES-R FOSTEX 画像. Used. Consigned. Hold. Reserved. Sold Out. HiFiDo Home. Nov 16, Derek Sanderson’s Sachiko with Fostex FEeS-R.

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Variable Q and strong magnet. Let me ask you other questions regarding the ffe206es-r units. A friend of mine ordered a pair of Fostex E for himself and for me. We love music as much as you do. They look good and they sound great. This is a bullet shaped plug that sits in the middle of the whizzer cone.

However he later admitted that: I’m new to this forum. Excelent condition, used but only to try them hours.

BiB – Fostex FEES-R – CaanSpeaker

This cabinet was specially designed for 8 inch full range speakers and the performance is stunning. The “Big Port” version offers more mid bass at the expense of some low bass output and is best for most people in most rooms.

They are placed down in the basement for the moment, probably one of my kids fee206es-r get them in their room, or I will put them on the fire in my garden this summer.! There are no middlemen in distribution. These have put fun back into the hobby. Best balance will be with the Klipsch K33 or somthing similar.


We will also include a parts list and setup tips.

Fostex fe206es-r pdf

Both male and female vocals are beautiful, no hard edge. We guarantee your satisfaction. It can even hold two 15 inch speakers. However he later admitted that:. Fostex FEE Speaker Box back loaded horn and bass reflex enclosure design diy how to building subwoofer box projects loudspeaker plans cabinet diagram. La Scala plans Tags: Fostex Feesr by BertFriday, February 17, Fostex Feesr by BertMonday, February 20, Fostex speakers are precision made with very light paper cones and incredibly strong magnets for precise control.

Fostex makes more expensive models, but their best sounding speaker is the FEEn. Audio Nirvana are the best sounding fe206s-r range speakers in the world–at any price. Fosstex former loudspeakers were ProAc Response 2. The Monitor MkII 1. LaScala by xcortesTuesday, February 21, Do you have a link to them? It has more bass and dynamics than the 5.

We honestly feel that the Audio NirvanaLowtherand Fostex speakers we sell are the best full range speakers in the world at any price. Also what drivers do they work with? You’ll hear the quality of the drivers very well but for a reasonable flat response fkstex should use higher Q drivers for more output in the deeper range fostez hz. Is it a good idea? Clarity, detail, accuracy, and realism are excellent because the sound comes from a single voicecoil.


I will be singing your praise and demonstrating it also to my friends who share our passion. The difference is mostly the appearance. Fostex Fosyex eight inch full range speakers–the best sounding of all Fostex speakers Imaging and soundstage are incredible because the sound comes from a single point in space. Basically all drivers work in the LaScala but the results are different.

Almost all Lowther and Fostex models use whizzer cones. This driver is something special to me. We generally recommend the “Big Port” version for most customers. Overseas customers please email for the shipping prices.

So, if you have the space, we recommend choosing a larger cabinet design. Luckily I finished the woodworking first I still do not understand why they only produce a limited series of drive units, therefore I didn’t fostez any for reselling them.