ABST. Garbhini Paricharya refers to antenatal care wh. Vihar (normal daily activities) and Vichara (psyc pregnant lady should start from the beginning o. uphold a complete caring plan in this regard called GARBHINI PARICHARYA. In Women’s life,. Sagrbhaavastha (pregnancy) is a special event. Systematic supervision (examination and advice) of a woman during pregnancy is called garbhini paricharya (antenatal care). Supervision.

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International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma Research.

Antenatal Care by Ayurveda -Garbhini Paricharya

Monthwise dietary regimen As there is a constant development of the embryo there would also be difference in its requirements of food and nutrition.

We see that the regimen and diet prescribed are of the nature of controlling vaatha especially the apaana Vaayu.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Sometimes, it is reported that the sexual intercourse in late pregnancy is prohibited since “it would amount to incest, since the body of the child is already formed. Her mind should be always in a pleasant state and she should neither touch nor see unpleasant things of disfigured persons with some physical defects scary objects, nor listen to exciting and scary stories.

Meat soups with cooked rice and fat or rice gruel mixed with good quantity of fat should be given as diet.

Sixth Month Ksheera sarpis medicated with the drugs of madhura gana – ghrutha or rice gruel medicated with gokshura Tribulus terrestris should be given in the sixth month. One can find remnants of this dietics with midwives and older women, but a detailed and comprehensive diet plan is being practiced only by the vaidyas of the classical medical tradition. In such cases one should use one’s “yukthi” of power of reasoning, so as to fulfill her desire and at the same time render it harmless.


Massage with oils should be given but rubbing of unguents should be avoided as they would liquify the doshas Cha. The maasaanumaasika pathya help in: Some of the practices that are followed during pregnancy have a great significance.

During the fourth month garbihni is solidification and the development of the limbs. The excessive use of any of the six rasas would cause – urinary disorder, skin and eye disorders, premature aging, infertility emaciation, weakness and disorders like flatulence and eructation respectively.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Indulgence excessive in sex would cause deformed impudent or lazy child. According to our Aachaaryaas the foetus grows upto a period of four months the ” chetna” or the life gets associated with the foetus and this causes the longings of the mother.

Ninth Month The pregnant woman should be given anuvaasana basthi with oil prepared with the drugs of madhura group, and also vaginal tampons pichu with the same oil for lubrication of garbhaashaya uterus and prasava maarga birth canal.

Some suggestions in this regard are as follows: The same reason can be given to the next practice of “not-peeping into wells and pits” the risk is more in pregnant woman as their body is a little more delicate also they may feel guiddy more easily than normal people, and so may fall into pits or wells by accident. Ancient Ayurveda prescribes some set of guidelines which can help make this time more easy for the women. Sushrutha has said that – the pregnant woman should totally give up coitus, exercise santarpana satiation or anabolic foods and regimenswapna viparyaya sleeping in the day and keeping awake at nightutkataasana squatting paticharya the posture of sitting on the hams with the soles of feet touching the ground.

Anuvaasana basthi or sneha basthi differs from aasthaapana basthi or nirooha basthi by the proportion of the kashaayas decoctions and snehas oils used in preparing the enema. Ayurveda considers food to be the best source of nourishment as well as medication for the pregnant woman. Softening of harbhini aparapelvis, waist, sides of the chest and back Downward movement of vaatha vathaanulomana – this is needed for the normal expulsion of foetus during delivery.


Garbhnii we have mentioned earlier this practice is garbhoni and aachaaryaas have proscribed sex during pregnancy.

Garbhini Paricharya (Regimen for the pregnant woman)

The child would also be sturdy. The main deficiencies in second trimester of pregnancy are protein, folic acid, calcium, iron, vitamin D, thiamine, vitamin A.

Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. It is the need of an hour to have healthy pregnancies in Indian population as the normal nutritional requirements in maternal periods of women in India are not getting fulfilled, so as the malnourished and birth defective children are born. Abstract It is the need of an hour to have healthy pregnancies in Indian population as the normal nutritional requirements in maternal periods paicharya women in India are not getting fulfilled, so as the malnourished and birth defective children are born.

Not doing so may cause abnormalities of the foetus like dwarfism. Also during these three months the major part of mass is formed paricharyw for this madhura and sheetha veerya substances should be given which help in the formation of the cellular mass and promote growth.

The functions of apaana Vaayu paricharua “Vaathavinmoothra shukraartava garbha nishkramanaadikriyaaha ” i. So it is best to resort to mild house work, which would not be so strenuous and would also keep her active. Desires of the mother are said to have some relationship with the character of the child. Support Center Support Center.

These longings and desires are to be satisfied.