GOSSEN. GOSSEN. Erlangen. Attachment for. LUNASIX 3. Printed in Germany. e microphotographs. (The following instructions assume that you are. Here are all the pages of the operating manual for the Gossen Lunasix 3 photographic light meter. Lunasix light meters are also labelled Luna-Pro in some parts. You have an older device from GOSSEN? Here you can find the corresponding operating instructions for previous devices in the field of LUNASIX.

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Lunasix 3 manual

With inaccessible subjects, take the incident light measurement majual a substitute spot which receives the same illumination as the subject. About “exposure steps” see page Also ideal for light measurement of the aerial image in photography through terrestrial telescopes.

But, when is a scene “perfectly” exposed? One Stop more exposure less exposure. Measuring comparisions of your LUNASIX 3 with similar or other types of exposure meters cannot be made properly without special laboratory equipment optical bench. The Gossen TRI-LUX is an indispensable accessory for the motion picture and TV studio, lighting engineer, and wherever critical measurement of incident light is required.

Flash metering was incorporated, however sensitivity was reduced compared to the Profisix as was the range of accessories Profisix accessories will not fit the Lunasix F.

For black-and-white or colour negative film, however, the shadow portions which are to have some detail in the finished print must lunasiix given consideration. Is it because the batteries or the needle not properly set to zero position?

In spite of its name, it is not related to the Lunasix at all, but does share the same range of clip on accessories. The Gossen company has produced an adapter to allow the use of a pair of easily-obtained silver-oxide cells in these gosseb. Analyze your prints and color transparencies for possible mistakes or errors in judgment.


Where to get the users instruction manual for Gossen Lunasix? | Photography Forums

This locks the reading in for convenient luansix. HI, Art I am using 2 pcs. Here are all the pages of the operating manual for the Gossen Lunasix 3 photographic light meter.

Move the converter slide 10 so that the spherical diffuser is centered over the round window. Increasing or decreasing the ASA Degree by 1 is equivalent to one stop. Now, whenever the need arises, you can greatly expand the capabilities of the LUNASIX 3 by using one of the following exclusive accessory attachments: It enables you, by means of instant-lock-on attachments, to refine your measuring tech niques not only in your camera work on location and in the studio, but in enlarging or in photomicrography and photography through terrestrial telescopes.

Mallory PX 13 mercury batteries are available at most camera shops.

But – each time make a series of 5 exposures; in addition to the one at the indicated exposure time, make one each at a full step and one-half step more and less than indicated by your LUNASIX 3. Thus, under identical illumination, the indicator needle will be deflected less by dark objects than by bright ones. If the scene includes a large very bright area – far from the “average” that the LUNASIX 3 would normally calculate lunaaix – it will indicate a shorter exposure time than it would for a large very dark area.


Setting the film speed Look up the DIN or ASA Exposure Index of the film in use you will find it on the film box or film instruction sheet and turn the plexiglass film-speed setting disc 17 by the raised bars, until the DIN mznual ASA Index number is lined up against the triangular white marker in the respective window.

Built-in light conductor instead of a mirror for greater accuracy and efficiency.

Gossen Profisix / Lunasix F – – The free camera encyclopedia

Incident light measurement at a substitute spot of equal illumination is also convenient for many regular outdoor scenes. There are several advantages:. Both meters were high cost items. Of course, you’ll want to know what parts of a scene lunaisx included in a reflected light measurement. The result of this measurement does not consider the colour or brightness of the scene itself. However, you can adapt your LUNASIX 3 exposure readings to the characteristics of your camera, your gosaen film, your type of processing, your projector – in other words to your personal touch.

Gossen Lunasix Instruction Manuals

I recently download gossne instruction manual for Lunasix 3 from http: Like the highly sensitive nerves of your own eyes, the photo resistor should not be exposed unnecessarily to bright light for extended periods.

I wondered what wrong with my Lunasix. SBC silicon blue diode Measurement angle:

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