The Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game (abbreviated as RPG) was produced in line with GURPS Third Edition, focusing on the Lite Ruleset. It introduce. I just found out this thing existed and my preliminary probings seem to point towards this being based solely on the comics, which peaks my. Ritual Aptitude (aka Magery (Path/Book) in 4e) was not necessary to do rituals in the Hellboy setting. In GURPS Thaumatology page ‘s “Limited Non-Mage.

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It’s a world where blatant supernatural forces definitely hellbly, and are fairly widely known about. Now humans struggle with dwarves, elves, and each other. The Nazis Today There have been several different kinds of Nazis active in the world over the paste decade. In many ways the guts of the book, the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense is like if the X-Files had the budget of the Special Forces and recruited the more competent paranormal threats of the week to go play Mulder and Scully.

The second kind are directly working for the conquest of the world and the restoration of the Reich.

The priest then learns the Path of Spirit and any rituals normall. TO ensure that the discussion of game-related matters makes sense, we’ve put them early in the book.

The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense We don’t really have a set uniform, but here’s a shoulder patch and a coffee cup with the logo on it. On the other hand, most games probably won’t have you playing Big Red himself.

So, there’s really nothing much to say about this chapter.

This was all written long before there was a wiki or the Hellboy Companionso some of it’s quite dated, but it was valuable info to comic buffs at the time. The Crusades aren’t ancient history here — they’re current events! Hellboy could use the hand to summon the Ogdru Jahad and destroy the world, but never would.

This mainly involves robot uellboy, saving Hitler’s brain, and that sort of thing. Thu Mar 27, This chapter is about creating characters in game terms; the next burps about the process of play.


Are there any adventures floating around, or do people just play through rehashed versions of the comicbook adventures? This hadn’t happened yet. It really does feel like this was a product designed for comic book fans that somehow had not made it into gaming yet; at a time when a lot of GURPS products were still on regular paper stock and illustrated in black-and-white, this is on lush glossy comic-book paper with dozens of images culled from the existing Hellboy material.

On the other hand, I feel bad that players have to pay for it. Virtually every critter in that is basically a one-issue-or-more Hellboy story waiting to run. Characters can journey from the windswept plains of the Nomad Lands — where fierce Nordic warriors seek a valiant death to earn a seat in Valhalla — to Megalos, the ancient empire where magic and bellboy intrigue go hand in hand.

While contemptible, they are relatively harmless unless recruited by someone with power and a plan. I also recommend columns from the the Pyramid webzine The Surpressed Transmission. Mostly the grps Nazi science was just a Tech Level ahead of its time one-off device, like the Nazi space rocket, but they did manage to get a bit of helllboy weird science going, and as later series showed they weren’t the only ones.

Hellboy: The RPG [GURPs]

Prak Serious Badass Joined: Sat Mar 29, 4: Frank and I had a conversation recently; Frank pointed out that the failing of Hellboy: Or trek south to the Muslim lands of al-Wazif and al-Haz to explore the forbidden city of Geb’al-Din. Disproportionate really doesn’t even begin to describe it.

In these cases, the priest does not need Ritual Aptitude or the Ritual Magic skill though they might have either. Thomas Manning pointsProfessor Kate Corrigan pointsHellboy pointsAbe Sapien pointsLiz Sherman pointsRoger the homunculus pointsthe aforementioned new agent Orson Gaines pointsJohann Kraus pointshuman metal detector Sidney Leach pointsetc. Simplicity should also be the keynote in games.

Or is he constantly going to be sidelined. Welcome to the land of Yrth, a magical realm of incredibly varied races and monsters — including people snatched from our Earth and other worlds by the cataclysmic Banestorm! SAS dude is no Jenkins; he can do a lot of basic survival and combat-type stuff competently, and on any straight roll with a pistol or rifle is guaranteed to hit, but that’s basically it.


Fri Mar 28, 8: The last group are those members of the Special Group who fell under Rasputin’s sway. In game terms it has Damage Resistance ; damage greater than this would injure Hellboy through transmitted shock, but would not damage the hand. If you need a refresher on Hellboy, check out the wiki. Abydos — What lurks in the forbidden city of Abydos is so great a heresy, the Church suppresses all mention of its very existence. Surf our site for the files you want.

The given examples are things like, oh, you slug a mummy and the mummy stumbles against its sarcophagus which the GM never mentioned and falls flat on its back; or “We’re exploring this pyramid, we can’t be the first, there must be skeletons of previous explorers, one of them comes to life and points the way.

The problem is, I think, that there are no guidelines on character creation – no hard and fast limits that say “you may only spend X points on attributes” or “you may only spend X points on skills.

Plunder elven ruins while evading the desert natives. I’ve done this a couple of times, so here’s some of my plots: In short, just read everything you can find by Kenneth Hite and steal as many ideas as you can. Find More Posts by krank. Whole villages were transported — from such diverse locales as medieval England, France, Germany, and the Far East.

Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game

Click here to see the hidden message It might contain spoilers. Display posts from previous: Sat Mar 29, 5: And there is always the Internet. Nazis and Other Human Foes One of the characteristic elements of Hellboy is that it makes no bones about punching Nazis, whether they be Neo- or Original flavor.