Burma Chronicles is the most enlightening and insightful book about life under the country’s brutal dictatorship in years, says Rory MacLean. Guy Delisle’s newest travelogue revolves around a year spent in Burma (also known as Myanmar) with his wife and son. Burma is notorious for. DeLisle’s (Pyongyang) latest exploration of Asian life is probably the best possible argument against the ruling junta in the embattled (and now.

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Guy is only human and loves being invited to these places, but being a stay at home dad and being invited to a play date with the wives of rich oil workers proves to be a bit awkward. If you must visit Burma while it remains under the rule of the iniquitous junta, do so with the delislf intention of bearing witness to the tragedy and suffering of its people. What a delightful read! So, it was natural that a certain detachm Good work. Chroniques Birmanes is a Canadian graphic novel written and illustrated by Guy Delisle.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And being about a country that many of us wouldn’t visit, Guy’s book gives us a unique insight into a country and people we only hear about vaguely in modern history books and sometimes in the news in reference to their government.

Also, there is great informative value in seeing the Myanmar reality through the eyes of a westerner, with a focus on the visual aspects. Books by Guy Delisle.

Rory MacLean reviews Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle | Travel | The Guardian

I have read exactly two graphic novels so far -Persepolis and this. See Burmese chronicles for the royal chronicles of Burma Myanmar. Guys situation and other non-profit organisations deal with a lot of red-tape and they are generally not that well off.


The scenario here has less inherent drama, because the situation is less politically dire, even though matters of life and death are closer at hand his wife works for Doctors Without Borders, or something like it. Nov 28, Farhana rated it liked it Shelves: Ok I get it, it was written for western people, but still I don’t find it necessary to laugh about other people customs and habits.

The distinctly non-judgemental humorous tone and superb sketches helped tremendously. I would definitely be re-reading this as I am sure many gems got missed on the first read.

In this book and the other two I’ve read, there are nice stories of him meeting cartoonists and sharing their work. A particularly moving scene is when he travels to meet an elderly Burmese artist and reverently looks at the original pages of his comic published inwhich had inspired a generation of illustrators. A friend mentioned to me how the book seems to bhrma more a collection of little bits than an actual story — to the extent that a memoir would have a story ddlisle the first place.

Anyway, Delisle is not a political writer, nor a journalist, but he adds a heck of a lot to our understanding nonetheless. The descriptions and drawings are very simple and minimal, but they did make me feel like I was there.

He stayed in Pyongyang for only 2 months and his social circle consisted only of other foreigners like him. I need to try other graphic novels by this author to see if it was just this one or it is in everything written chroniles this author. Lots of insight on Burma culture and many cultural shocks cheonicles an obliterated country! How, I asked myself, could a “comic book” begin to convey the cruelty, cheonicles and absurdity of life in that betrayed, golden land? Another fascinating aspect of the book looked at foreigners in the country and how they live.


Simply put, Burma Chronicles is the most enlightening and insightful book on Burma in years. Since Guy is an animator, he seeks out other graphic artists whenever he visits a new country. I spent the summer holidays of my Canadian childhood reading birma books.

Burma Chronicles

Sometimes they stop in the middle of a scene and a new chapter, a completely new story begins. I especially liked the wordless ‘tourism’ sequences of multiple small panels.

Guy Delisle has chronicled his stay in Burma so well you almost feel like you’re on a trip. Burma Chronicles is an autobiographical account of a family who stayed in Burma for one year. Feb 12, Jayaprakash Satyamurthy rated it it was ok Shelves: He uses this time to do his cartooning, explore the city and get to know the culture a bit more. Walking through crowded chaotic streets – makes sense you’d want your hands free.

Delisle sketches the daily hardships and the fear prevailing in the country under military junta. To ask other readers questions about Burma Chroniclesplease sign up. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I still don’t really like his attitude in certain situations. Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing French-language text.