HAMEG. OSCILLOSCOPE HM Specification. TLOPL HH4E. Vertical Deflection (Y). Bandwidth: of both channels. DC MHz (-3dB), DC MHz (- 6dB). OSCILLOSCOPE HM I Overscanning I Bandwidth DC MHz H Delayed Sweep H LPS Triggering to 40 MHz The HM demonstrates the. Hameg HM Oscilloscope problem. «on: January 16, , pm». Hey guys. The other day i went to the old stuff market and saw this oscilloscope.

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As with all HAMEG oscilloscopes, the front panel is subdivided into sections according to the various functions. In contrast the minimum signal voltage required for reliable triggering should be at least double when the 1 kHz calibration signal is applied.

The symmetry of Chan- nel 4122 and the final vertical amplifier can be checked by inverting Channel I depress push button “Invert I”. To minimize the possibility of cable breakage both BNC plugs are protected by anti -kink mouldings.

However, decreased brightness may be the result of reduced high voltage.

This mode is not suitable for the display of very low frequency signals, as the trace will appear to flicker or jump.

However, when in- vestigating signals at frame rate, the “TV” pushbut- ton must be depressed. It is important to remember that when low voltage signals are being investigated nm position of the ground point on the test circuit can be critical. The risetime is given by the product of the horizontal hajeg in cm between these two points and the time coefficient setting.

HAMEG hm 412 Oszilloskop Oscilloscope

One side of this parallel circuit is connected directly to the input connector of the vertical amplifier and the other side is connected to the generator, if possible via a low-capacitance coaxial cable. Trouble-Shooting the Instrument For this job, there will be needed at least an isolating variable mains transformer protection classification IIa signal generator, an adequate precise multi- meter, and, if possible, an oscilloscope.


Furthermore, both slide switch- es in the timebase section should be set to their uppermost position. Checks can be made with any sine-wave voltage between 50Hz and 1 MHz. To some extent, fluc- tuations in drift are caused by offset current on the gate.

Oscilloscope HM412

This mode is par- ticularly useful when asynchronous signals are being investigated. Hame “AC” position can be used for the investigation of most uncomplicated waveforms, while “DC” coupling pushbutton depressed is recommended when very low frequen- cy signals are being investigated.

If the separate voltages of a plate pair are very dif- ferent, the associated circuit must be faulty. For many differential measurements it is advantageous not to connect both the probe ground leads to the test circuit. In the first position the il- lumination is switched off. When the Sweep Delay mode slide switch is set to the “norm. Conversely, it should be ob- served that sinusoidal voltages indicated in Veff Vrms have 2. Checking the drift is relatively simple.

In this case, the vertical input coupling should be set to “AC”. Trig, action; indicated by LED.

Operation of the timebase is then limited to selecting a convenient time setting. The indication, however, shows in what direction the trace has left the screen area.

SM5CBW’s Hameg Oscilloscope Presentation

All values to be measured can therefore be det,ermined relatively accurately. Compensation range pF. In so doing, the square pulses gameg have a flat top without ramp-off, spikes and glitches; no overshoot hamsg permitted, especially at 1 MHz and a display height of cm.


It is recommend- ed to check the ripple and also the interaction from other possible sources. It also con- tains a compartment which can be used for accessories and tools. The shape of the square-wave should be the same in each input at- tenuator position. The probe can be connected to the test circuit by a removable sprung hook, and an integral ground lead with an insulated crocodile clip.

It is strongly recommended that when the instrument needs to be returned that the original packing should be used to avoid possible transport damage. Power consumption; 36 W approx. The latter corresponds to the real potential difference between the most positive and most negative points of a signal waveform.

However, when investigating very low-frequency pulses, disturbing ramp-offs may 4112 with AC coupling. It is recommended to operate only in the sequence “norm. HZ30 is used, no termination is necessary.

Focus the horizontal tops of the square-wave signal at normal intensity, then check the sharpness of the vertical edges. An LED indicates the operating mode. The delay fine control should now be adjusted so that the display starts just prior to the short time interval to be investigated. It is also important to note that the bandwidth of the X-amplifier is approximate- ly 2. While the adjustment is ac- complished with depressed “Hor.

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