The original design for this motor should be credited to John Bedini and Ron Cole. John Bedini is recognized today as an electrical/electronic. The article following is a brief account of my construction and testing of the Bedini /Cole window motor. It is a work in progress and thus may. Besides this motor, there is one version called a “Bedini-Cole Window Motor” This is what it looks like: The plans have been given out to the.

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I used two sizes of copper mogor. Get the facts straight and you will build this motor. Mike’s Window motor modification Hi Aaron, I am new to this forum and am not yet familiar with the layout and methods used here.

John Bedini Window Motor :: Nikola TESLA 3 generations later

The original design for this motor should be credited to John Bedini and Ron Cole. Everyone please read this slowly and carefully. Now it does not run at all. We have all the bestmagnets today to do this.

The rectangle hole is for a toggle switch. I have come up with a diagram of the modification. Or is it imparted because of the steel? There are at least half a dozen working on it. But yes, I remember that and am not sure what to make of it. I just know that this is how I got it to run longer.

We are interested primarily in the capacitor version as it demonstrates very clearly that conventional science needs to be revised to encompass both perpetual motion and the Zero-Point Energy field which provides the power for what we see as perpetual motion:.

Can i get it running on the step motor with caps hook to it????

I learned alot from these illustrations, look at the commutator to see the timing If you add a load the motor will slowly come to a stop. Also I made a mistake the main winding on my motor is 46 hbedii so ohms sorry about that. Plus all the torque is free! Two EMF spikes per cycle When you go to run your motor have a AM radio close to the stator coil you should here two windw brodcasted for every magnet pair passing.


John Bedini Window Motor

Keep up the great work! The circuit will need a battery for power source. Cole and I have made Power Amplifiers using this circuit forever, Alexander has nothing to do with this motor concept as it does not use the same switching. Had you known mypage content, coke would also have had your doubts about mikes motor!

The large round hole can be used for your power cord from a wall-wart or battery pack. Has anyone seen any other Bedini circuits “self run” without draining the input? Sevaral people are presently endeavoring to replicate the effect which Mike has claimed to be over unity. The SSG or window motor is just a mechanical way of triggering this radiant energy and the copper wire is the collector of it, and it closes the loop to charge the battery.

I suppose this has to be just “slightly” over-unity because tiny capacitors cannot run a motor for hours So you must be very clever in how you switch this motor, I said that you must switch only one time, that means one powerful motor pulse. I hbfdini add some additional parts at a later date. Excellent detective work by John. I have figured out Mike’s motor Be very careful they will come after you if you talk. There is no way the hand twist start imparted any energy that was stored and released slowly to accelerate the rotor!

If Tesla were at it, he would probably run it at ridiculously high voltage and frequency and eliminate all current together and have ether flows going between the points instead of electrons. Find all posts by ashtweth. Time to dig up this old thread. So I guess the mass of the rotor is at maximum grams or less…. Mike is building a second motor progress reported in the same thread mentioned above. As for winsow posistion of my flywheel magnets I will give that info later after I have finished my testing.


Bedini/Cole Window Motor with a Jefimenko electrostatic motor twist

Carl you think I should find a dead battery to run it on and film it, think I will. Through trial and error I willget to where I am headed, so be patient with me when you see blunders I am making. Focus on what Mike said or “Fail”.

Hbeidni Official Website none Primary Coverage gnOsis Thread Originating thread where the replication was first posted, and the main replication attempts began. In order to be able to use neodynium magnets and spin the rotor at higher speeds you would have to use an exotic metal such as mu metal or metglas. I did change the Neo magnets out in my motor and it does make a big difference, “so no neos” in this one please.

Now read the story this way now in red, You will see how everything gets confused by all the posts in between. I think it is possible to send output to front battery if the conditions are right, but I haven’t seen that happen yet SOLIDLY and am not super sure of what the right conditions would be.

Mike’s success announced by Stefan Hartmann at OverUnity. Message ofWed Nov 22, 1: The thought is that it might be made to with more robust components. John Bedini demonstrated the motor with one coil to us through a video by just rotating the rotor by hand and said: I have built many, many Bedini circuits and they all work as long as I build them according to his plans and not how I think they should be built.

One time at John’s shop, he hooked up a little battery to this motor and it was so efficient it almost didn’t register any amperage on the meter while it was running.