Book 1 in Terry Spear’s Heart of the Wolf series. Their forbidden love may get them both killed. Bella is a red werewolf, sole survivor of the fire that killed her. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Red werewolf Bella flees her adoptive pack of gray Heart of the Wolf – Kindle edition by Terry Spear. Paranormal. Terry is most commonly known for works like Heart of the Wolf, Savage Hunter and Heart of Couger. +Biography. Terry Spear was born in Sacramento.

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She grew up reading mystery, adventure, mythologies from around the world, ghost stories, the paranormal, fell in love with Dracula and Wolfman, and felt they needed loving too.

Both were adopted into the same wolf pack at a fairly young age, Devlyn first, and then he later saved Bella’s life and brought her to the pack when her family was killed in a wildfire.

Destiny of the Wolf (Heart of the Wolf, #2) by Terry Spear

She makes her way as a lone wolf until childhood friend, Devlyn, comes to bring her home. Spear writes a romance with characters I can connect with. Dreaming of the Wolf by Terry Spear. First, she ran away without ever telling Devlyn why and left him in the dark for a century and half.

From Bella’s one-woman-neighborhood-watch friend, Chrissie, who’s shopping for husband number 2. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required.

This is my second book by Ms. On a side note, I’m usually all for characters being intuitive, but Bella sometimes manages to infer things about what Devlyn is thinking or his intentions with the barest of information which totally lacks credibility. I definitely want to read mor I really enjoyed discovering a new series for me.


This is a wonderful paranormal romance and i This story is even better than the first in the series! Write a customer review. But even if finally Larissa was not his true mate, the story for me was already tainted by the fact they thought she was.

Heart of the Wolf Series by Terry Spear

And a lot confusing. What I really liked was the bonus novella Night Wolf at the back, that was a great story. But now there is also the local red wolf pack whose leader, also called dibs on Bella, out there ready to force her into the mating. Silver Town, Colorado United States.

This is the first PNR series that I ever read. I also kept thinking how cramped and uncomfortable that would have been, not to mention, the whole act was tainted by Bella keeping the huge secret of having just shot Volan from Devlyn. She grew up reading mystery, adventure, mythologies from around the world, ghost stories, the paranormal, fell in love with Dracula and Wolfman, and felt they needed loving too.

When Lelandi, her twin, comes to town, Darien is immediately bewitched by her, making it his mission to protect her against those forces that seek to destroy her and his pack.

Heart of the Wolf – Kindle edition by Terry Spear. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @

Shelve Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas. The writing was good, but the driving plot was too erotic for me. On top of all of that there’s a pack of red lupus garou in the area and one of them is murdering red-headed human females and trying to change them so that they can mate.


Getting drugged and tossed into the zoo is the last ferry Bella expects to end up when she decides to spend some time at her cabin. Whats more is her mastery to keep the reader guessing all the way to end where the murderer is revealed during a Thanksgiving feast.

But once I started reading, it became pretty clear that this was going to be a difficult book. Devlyn’s pack te Bella in and treats her like their own. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. May 28, Dee rated it liked it Shelves: She manages to stay away from them for years until a pack of hunters end up capturing her in wolf form and throwing her in the zoo.

Due to the moon phase she turns into a human while in the zoo cage. I’ve noticed that this first book of the series has a lower rating then the others. And she has to do it before her cruel Alpha locates her and forcibly mates her to his brother.