Category theory: an introduction. Front Cover. Horst Herrlich, George E. Strecker. Allyn and Bacon, – Mathematics – pages. Category Theory: An Introduction. Front Cover. Horst Herrlich, George E. Strecker . Heldermann, – Categories (Mathematics). – pages. Category Theory has 1 rating and 0 reviews: Published by Allyn and Bacon, pages, Hardcover.

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Handbook of Categorical Algebra 3: My opinion is that you should absolutely learn some 1-category theory first.

Abstract and concrete category theory freely avaible at at this site ” http: The first chapter of Leinster’s Higher operads, higher categories gives a nice and quick introduction to category theory.

Leinster’s “Higher Operads Higher Categories” http: With that being said, elaborating and expounding upon janed0e’s suggestion, what follows are two study plans according to the prior knowledge of the student. Initial, terminal, and zero objects. Or has this subject become so herrlifh nowadays that we are no longer counting it into category theory?

Categories and Structures F. I doubt that someone could learn higher category theory and more in general higher dimensional algebra without first studying a little of category theory, mostly because the definition given in such context use a lot of category theoretic machinery. I learned alot from there.


Horst Herrlich

As a corollary, the best place to learn category theory is in a good algebra textbook together with a good topology textbook and, for optimal rsults, a good algebraic topology textbook. If you’re categor in category theory, this is the book you want to learn from.

You have to hunker down and really learn category theory. Best of all, it’s much cheaper then MacLane! The paper can be obtained at– http: Simplicial Homotopy Theory http: I wish it was the one I’d learned from. And yes, 1-category theory is definitely best to start with, and be familiar with; but keep an eye on the higher grounds too. The Joy of Cats 1 G. For further roadmaps on learning higher category theory, look at this nForum discussion on reading Lurie’s Higher Topos Theory http: I just reviewed what I firmly believe will be the book that will replace MacLane as The Gold Standard for introductions to category theory for graduate students: If not, catevory the most efficient path through the classical core material to a modern perspective?

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Eventually, Mac Lane began to make sense, as did Borceux; but oh, ever so slowly. Rarely have I had a question about categories which it has been unable to answer.

John Baez, in his not so weekly blog, inspiring.

Category theory: an introduction – Horst Herrlich, George E. Strecker – Google Books

New categories from old. Eugenia Cheng’s notes on category theory was tremendously useful. It’s comprehensive, incredibly clear and amazingly rich strceker examples, including many you’ve probably never considered. Abstract and Concrete Categories: Baez’s TWF will give one a herrlicn of a variety of topics, definitely. MacLane’s “Category theory for working mathematicians” may be a little outdated but I think it is still one of the most complete book of basic category theory second just to Borceux’s books.

Sets, classes, and conglomerates. A lot of thanks to Konrad S. Characterization and generation of E-reflective subcategories.