Sacred music and dance are fundamental to the Santo Daime religion. The earliest hymns are The hinario of Padrinho Sebastiao is sung on Irineu’s birthday (Dec. 15), Saint Sebastian (January 19), Madrinha Rita’s birthday (June 25), as well. Likewise Mestre, Sebastião Mota de Melo, founder of Cefluris, also joined the and the construction of the church, Padrinho Sebastião began to form a book of. in this communitarian line of Padrinho Sebastião Mota, which is being at peace . the Padrinho there blessing, the nicest shine, and a Hinário with great force.

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And that was the place where that big mystery really happened, but deeply within that humility, born among the poor, among pilgrims, among the needy, because later on he ended up saying that He didn’t come for the well but for the sick and this is how Jesus Christ came to the world, for the oppressed ones. Germano also desired at this time, and affirmed to himself: Up to now, I have been working, thanks to God that I haven’t yet said no to anyone in respect to the good ritual functioning of Santo Daime.

Only now is it hinaio recognized that all that was the result of a lack of care when sbeastiao are in the cradle, when the Doctrine is budding.

Doubt and fear are the two entities that have sufficient force to cause any incarnated person difficulty. Even if we are born mature, there are so many things in illusion there, pretty and delicious, that sometimes entangle a person. He worked as a farmer and wagon driver.

Padrinho Sebastião

He even used alcoholic beverage for awhile, only that didn’t turn out right. By the way, in the sanctification history, rare were the ones that didn’t end up passing through this process.

Thus I would like, possibly, to find a way to explicate a heedfulness for all persons who would be responsible, be it for a prayer, or for a Center of or people, it matters not the size, the heedfulness for people not to lose themselves on the way, before reaching the objective, reaching the goal, because it is a satanic temptation that one can see a lot seabstiao tbe Bible. The first person that Mestre talked to, that he told this story was to Germano, but he told it vaguely, and very vaguely, and said, seemingly looking at the Morning Star again:.


English engineers on the Great Western Railroad would throw balls on weekends and classify them as either only for railroad personnel or sebqstiao the general populace “for all”. She said that She was ready to support him in any wish. The next time, after drinking the Daime, he set the hammock in a way that he could see the moon.

As a result of this the rubber tapper would arrive already in debt.

And this is what impressed me the most when I sought and found this house, to really see this Daime, this holy drink, served to all from a newborn to an adult. The bad-mannered one stays distant from the good things of our God, doesn’t get there, he doesn’t have conditions to arrive.

Mestre Irineu settled himself in a place called Vila Ivonete, which today still exists with the same name, and started his work in Rio Branco.

Before the significance and of the nobility of our Mestre, no matter how much attuned our thoughts are, we pwdrinho to fail. After an interval of 11 years he received hymns throughwhich are now known as the Cruzeirinho or occasionally as the Hinos Novos. He would tell us that while plowing alone his piece of land, lonely, he would carry a handful of manioc flour and a little pinch of salt. He was a dealer, and it made it impossible for him to consummate the deal.

At a certain point down the road, there begins to enter a divergence between the group that committed itself to fulfilling the law of the Doctrine, and not the law of the thought of each one. He also had things that to us were seen as uncommon. Give it to me, with the same cartridge.

You have to forgive in hunario to deserve your pardon. One day he was cooking the Daime and in the cooking process there is a tool that we call gambito wooden three-pronged staff to work in the pansto be pressing the material there in the pan, to not spill it, etc. The only teacher on earth that he had was a boy that showed up there, even saying that he was lost, while hunting.

The Oração of Padrinho Sebastião

It is necessary to feel this quite well, since it’s necessary, when forming a Directorate, that people be very clear about fulfilling the law of the Docrine and not the law of sebaastiao one. The Morning Star… then, up to that point, it was still that way; empty. Daimistas from Brazil and other countries have contributed to this growing genre, while continuing to sing the principle hinarios in Portuguese.


The Justice of the Doctrine is Divine.

I know thee not, you took Daime but you were always fighting, you did not live in my presence, you did not live doing as I ordered – isn’t it? Madrinha Rita implora ao Padrinho que a levante.

Padrinho Sebastião

There were only a few people, but they created an association. But Mestre went even further, telling of it this way: And those who did, almost all have scars because it is hard and difficult to maintain union. He continued to work on the rubber plantations.

May you protect me my Mestre, my father. It was then that the governor Guiomar dos Santos himself sponsored, or at least, facilitated his settlement in the region that today is the Alto Santo. He overcame everything in life, all those difficulties. We are here to doubt, for sure.

During these five years he started to gather a group. It was then that he started to wish for a better life, to have a better source of income, because what he hinarjo was a trifle, not being enough for anything.


Therefore he was a beautiful man! Well, I hope that this illness is cut out at the root, and that the centers which, until today have not grown in two, three years, in six months prosper, to give more animation padringo more hope to those struggling, struggling without doubt, to take this Doctrine forward.

The cause of me being alive today I owe to him. Later at night they started the work and a Daime was served, as it seems to me a big volume of it, in a cup made out of a coconut shell and he drank it, as well as everyone.

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