This is the official wiki for The Homestuck Tabletop RPG!. I’m going to go my own path, and try to design a SBURB tabletop RPG in my own way. perhaps check out r/rpgstuck. they converted dnd 5e into a homestuck. The Homestuck RPG is a fan-made tabletop roleplaying game designed by Zeltaen. The goal of this project is to create an RPG that can capture the.

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Act 4 Homestuck, Book 4: Homestuck official rabletop channel. The ideal ending to a session. For the plot of the official campaigns, go to the Recaps page.

This topic This homeshuck Entire forum Google News: Act 5 Act 1 Jun 12 Homestuck Book 5: Far outside of it. There is a Mage-flavoured variant homestuckk it’s closer to Awakening which is the superior one, sorry. And sometimes very effectively. Cast Full of Crazy: I have decided to take SKRUB to the next level, and create a team of people who want to take my little passion project into a big groups passion project!

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Tabbletop 1 to 16 of Originally Posted by Laughingmanlol. It’s a good thought exercise. I mean, there’s no point in making a combat system if you’re going to do nothing but run a shop, amirite?

The current ruleset can be found herewhile the old ruleset can be found here. Please login or register.

Almost every character has the capability to carry an inhuman amount of stuff of any size, and only equipped items are visible, this can be averted by giving limitations to the inventory, but the base inventory is always subjected to this trope. Good ideas here, though I as a player would have trouble with the well-thought-out but kind of confusing PC distribution above me! We strongly recommend against using the new Reddit design while browsing this subreddit.


Exploration, navigation, puzzles, platforming, all gradually shrinking away until only one thing remains, being taken by the hand from room to room, moving on only when nothing remains alive in each one. Major Psions are this, taking a hit to their Constitution score, their starting HP formula, and the inability to use more than basic attacks for their Strife Specibus.

Homestuck RPG | Obsidian Portal

Try focusing on what you’re going to do in terms of theme. This article talks about the rules itself. Homestuck’s massive amounts of character interaction makes for a tough roleplaying setup.

I would recommend attempting it with an actual plain vanilla session first before you attempt to run a multiverse-spanning epoch of the level Hussie has created. As a GM, you’ll have to figure out tbaletop to make target numbers for supernatural abilities on the fly because all of the classpect abilities are so vague.

Homestuck Pen and Paper RPG

Special powers can be used by playing various cards, some of which are modular allowing or requiring you to play them with other cards at the same time.

BESM seems cool, but I’m a little wary about the d20 system and seeming exclusivity to anime. This means you should take drastic measures tablteop avoid rolling for anything that’s boring or inconsequential. And with mechanized creepiness.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Anyways, I just wanted to welcome you all! Dwarf Fortress Talk 22 has been posted. Want to add to the discussion? Submit a new link. Then, fundamental mechanics that dovetail with that.


Happens unfortunately often when sessions shrink down to unsustainable levels. The whole thing should wind up feeling like a game of Calvinball. Act 5 Act 1. I think the thing to remember more than anything is this: If you can’t think of anything, think about a genre in fiction like survival horror or romance: I’d say have everyone create a couple of characters ex: Well im sorry to hear that.

Players can pick any paths as they level up, and even multiple ones. Okay, so since it’s homestuck, I would recommend overly complicated, inconsistent mechanics. Savage Worlds, however, might be a bit low-powered and restrictive for Homestuck. Usually psychic, though up to the DM’s wishes. Anyone with the Trapkind specibus becomes one of these. Start reading it today!

A Rose for a Kingdom FF. Nice to see this blog is getting around somehow. However, it’s definitely an interesting idea, and it looks like you’ve put quite a bit of thought into it already. Or would you like them thrown? That was actually my suggestion, to have a significantly smaller group of characters, even going down to a two-person session.

That is a significant problem in the first build, that there is an unfortunate amount of Glut to the rules, and that can make it very difficult to get into. To have the GM control all humans or all trolls is feasible, but lacks the sort of interacting personalities that grants Homestuck its charm.

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