Hyperion Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | For Q. What are the two storage options available in Essbase and what are the differences? . no data is transferred. the answers to other two questions are Yes. Must read Hyperion Essbase Interview Questions. Answer. Essbase stand for Extended Spreadsheet Database. Essbase is the multidimensional database. Here is part 3 of the series Top Hyperion Essbase Interview questions pdf Answer The data block is the structure that is comprised of the dimensions.

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Hence we can say that our period dimensions would be dense. Instead it dynamically calculates the members when the user requests data associated with them. What is UDA hy;erion defined attributes. Essbase is an file based database where the data is stored in PAG files of 2 GB each and grows sequentially.

A form of shared partition that provides the ability to access and manipulate remote data transparently as though hjperion is part of your local database.

Now there are some products which are sold in only some particular regions hence for them there will be no values in other regions or will have very low percentage of data values hence the structure will become sparse. You can also specify an attribute when you perform calculations and use calculation functions.


If you are creating BSO then you can create more than knterview db per application.

Top 100 Hyperion Essbase Interview questions part-3

Custom-defined macros use an internal Essbase macro language that enables you to combine calculation function and operate on multiple input parameters. But only one database per application is recommended. Drop us a Query Full Name. Iinterview, we can do that but it is recommended to use separate rule file for each dimension.

What are the ways to improve performance during data loads? A classification of a member in a dimension. Usually the outline is optimized using the hourglass design for dimension ordering i. Migration utility does not migrate the actual data. Essbase is an file based database where the data is stored in PAG files of 2 GB each and grows sequentially. Can He Do That? What are the types of database restructuring? Oracle Hyperion hyperion interview questions and answers. We can write back hence much suited for planning applications.

Fragmentation is likely to occur with the following: Htperion Sparse dimension 6. Study The impact of Demonetization across sectors Most important skills required to get hired How startups are innovating with interview formats Does chemistry workout in job interviews? For example, the value for Qtr1 is the same as the value for Jan.


New Hyperion essbase and planning interview questions – Oracle Hyperion

In the process it calculates more blocks than is necessary. Leave a Reply Cancel ihterview. Aliases are just another names of the members.

We cannot define that as Generation 1 is not valid. Then look into www. To automate the process of creating dimensions with more members, where it will take a lot of time in creating manually.

In what case we can define generation 1 to a field in generation build method. Selenium Training Learners. The statement should be just opposite. Essbase supports two different questilns of attributes.

Answer The data block is the structure that is comprised of the dimensions tagged as dense in the Essbase outline. Here we also need to understand what these dense and sparse members are.

Hyperion Interview Questions

How true is the statement? How can this be used to increase performance. Analytic services or Essbase Services locks the block and all other blocks which contain the Childs of that block while calculating this block is block locking system.

MaxL scripts can be called from a BAT file which is used for scheduling.