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The text reflects an image of a great temple as well as Buddhist philosophy through the ,atrix and architecture of this temple, which could be regarded both as a center of sacredness and the power of arts as a path to the spiritual perfection of wisdom. The concept of power thus allows Haribhadra to qualify an advanced form of knowledge.


Through a close reading of the text, I will present and assess the significance and cogency of Rongzom’s presentation. Eschewing the stipulative and normative, it attempts to provide tools for recognizing, conceptualizing and creatively appreciating implicit and explicit emic categories and schema.

Jains had matrxi milk because of the micro-organisms within it. In other words, it appears that enough survives to give us a statistically valid sample reflecting an important aspect of stone and bronze image production that can help us characterize the nature of the Buddhist tradition in north India at this time.

The paper ends by considering trends in secondary scholarship of the last century against this documentary and social background, suggesting some fruitful avenues for future research.

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Due to their emphasis on the natural liberation of mind-itself, these traditions challenged the usual notions of progression and development while advocating the recognition of one’s own nature in an immediate manner. On the other hand, there is little awareness so far, that similar issues can also be found with early Tibetan art.

Differentiating the Middle from the Extremes: At the same time, we can see that their works shaped in many ways the terminology and philosophical methods used by Buddhist scholars, like Matthew Kapstein, Mark Siderits and Charles Goodman, to analyze themes in Buddhist ethics and personal identity. It is only that the teachings of the second dharmacakra do not clearly formulate what ultimate truth really is. In this presentation, I review the dialogue records of four Tang dynasty masters deemed essential to the preservation of Chan lineages beyond the Tang——Nanyue Huairang and Mazu Daoyi, Qingyuan Xingsi and Shitou Xiqian——through whom the so-called Five Houses of Classical Chan allegedly descended.


The archaeological material in the oasis of Khotan has provided significant traces of the tradition of representing Buddhist legends in Khotanese artistic production: After all, the debate was not just about determining Buddhist scholastic superiority but also about responding most pragmatically to the socio-historical demands of Tibetan society. The same texts also demonstrate the high price that would be paid either literally or metaphorically in a form of punishment for falling behind in this work or losing the precious paper that formed the basis for this economy.

Flt Source Tuning parameter. This will lead me to consider the discursive devices, used by zealous Bodhisattvas involved in the transmission of their inherited canon, to establish the authenticity of newer scriptures. Some of them are contradictory to each other.

This research has been carried out with access to primary material held at the British Library, London. Skilling have recently published two very important inscriptions which were found on a fragmentary pillar at the Buddhist site of Deorkothar Rewa District, Madhya Pradeshand which date from about the second century b.

What were the fundamental concerns of these two Korean Buddhist thinkers in their dealings with traditional Buddhist iabe and what were their proposals to remedy the problems? I could have used record update syntax. One of the most critical insights in the scientific exploration of mental states is the emerging shift from an exclusively objective, third person perspective to the inclusion of the subjective, first person perspective.

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However, the monastic code of the Bonpos is not identical with the Buddhist one. However, it is not dated, nor is there any other related biographical information on Bhiksu An Hongsong. However, these colophons also contain religious sentiments, such as invocation of Buddhist deities and prayers for the long life of the Tibetan emperor. Finally, the intimate relation between the contemplative approaches and the degrees of self-receptiveness revealed a novel philosophical vision, which arose from lived experience and not from logical argumentation.


The description of the temple and its garden is a well balanced mixture of modernity and convention. This paper will analyse the material from a group of Buddhist structures 7thth c.

However, the archaeological context of the materials and the chronological attribution of the various sites is rarely clear, leaving this material with many questions unanswered. The relationship between knowledge and power is ordinarily conceived as an instrumental one where knowledge is a means to attain power and where power is the end.

Specifically, formal characteristics of these exegetical texts challenge the strict genre divisions labs of later canonical collections and instead imply a continuous development in which boundaries among textual genres were more fluid. This commentary illustrates both continuity and discontinuity. I will particularly pay attention to the different dimensions of cultivation i. Public opinion was crucial for those monastic communities that were economically dependent on the laity.

The Great Lamp demonstrates how practical Buddhist rhetorical techniques could transform the flawed humanity of the preacher into an authoritative matrx with superhuman glamour.

Moreover, the distinct capacities were identified with varying degrees of self-receptiveness to the basic nature of awareness as revealed matgix the sphere of direct experience. Surface area of a bounding box. In other words, one might ask: Although the non-dual traditions asserted the original purity of mind-itself, they also accommodated certain gradualist motifs that admitted the varying interests and abilities of practitioners.

Among this hitherto hardly explored corpus, the talk focusses on the production of ritual chronicles recording the performance of renovations mahrix the Svayambhu-caitya of Kathmandu.

This discussion explores how in the case of Sog bzlog pa the tension between these two modalities may be characteristic of a more general orientation to action, rooted fundamentally in a ritual sensibility formed from immersion in specialized settings where labs boundaries between objective and subjective spheres are blurred to enable the controlled flow of power between them.

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