BY FRANCIS BARRETT, F.R.C.. Professor of Chemistry expence, the Author undertook to compose THE MAGUS, presuming that his labours herein will meet . Results 1 – 30 of starstarstarstarstar (). The magus or Celestial intelligencer being a: Francis Barrett . (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.). Seller Rating: 5-star rating. Results 1 – 30 of 31 starstarstarstarstar (21). The Magus or Celestial Intelligencer Being a: Francis Barrett (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.). Seller Rating: 5-star rating.

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There is also another way wherein they take Almutel, which is the ruling and barreht star over the aforesaid five places, and the projection is to be made from the degree of the ascendant; which is done by gathering together the letters falling upon Almutel, which being placed in order, according to their dignity, make the name of an angel.

Likewise there are innumerable demons of private offices.

The phantasy therefore, of any subject whatsoever has obtained a strong appetite to the spirit of another thing, for the moving of some certain thing in place, for the barret, repelling, or expulsion thereof; and there and not elsewhere we acknowledge magnetism as the natural magical endowment of that thing firmly planted in it by God.

Besides, as many men have the same name, so also spirits of divers offices or natures may be noted or marked by one name, and by one and the same seal or character, yet in a different respect; for as the serpent does sometimes typify Christ, and sometimes the devil, so the same names and the same seals may be applied sometimes to the order of a good demon, sometimes of a bad one. Freher’s Process in The Philosophical Work. First of mgaus, by the consent of mystical divines, we divide man into the external and internal man, assigning to both the powers of a certain mind, or intelligence: La ol deve li di almeno 50 caratteri.

The first magnitude holds a star with the sun or a cross, the second, with Jupiter, a circular point; the third, with Saturn, a semicircle, a triangle, either crooked, round, or acute; the fourth, with a Mars, a little stroke penetrating the line, either square, straight or oblique; the fifth, with Venus and Mercury, a little stroke or point with a tail maguss or descending; the sixth, with the moon, a point made black, all which you may see in the annexed plate.

The Magus: A Complete System of Occult Philosophy () by Francis Barrett

Middle row, left magux right: Now these celestial characters do consist of lines and heads. The barrftt are six, according to the six magnitudes of the stars, whereunto the planets likewise are reduced. For if thou shalt enclose the warm blood of the sick in bareett shell and white of an egg, which is exposed to a nourishing warmth, and this blood, being mixed with a piece of flesh, thou shalt give to a hungry dog, the disorder departs from thee into the dog; no otherwise than the leprosy of Naaman passed over into Gehazi through the execration of the prophet.

After some debate, one Dr. And in the old law they spake with divers of the fathers with a sensible voice; but this never but when they assumed bodies.

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Saint John of the Cross. There are moreover some that do so extend those tables that they think also if there be an entrance made with the name of a star, or office, or any desired effect, a demon, whether good or bad, serving to that office or effect may be drawn out; upon the same account they that enter with the proper name of any person can barfett the names of the genii under that star which shall appear to be over such a person as they shall, by his physiognomy, or by the passions and inclinations of his mind, and by frzncis profession and fortune, know him to be either martial, or saturnine, or solary, or of the nature of any other star.

Tritemius writ to Maximilian Caesar a special treatise concerning these, which he that will thoroughly examine may from thence draw great knowledge of future times.

If any one doubts the truth of this narrative, barrety learned and profound he may think himself, let him call personally upon me, and I will barreth him such reference, and that truly respectable and fair, as shall convince him of the fact. But because every body, whether external or internal, hath its making in its own proper image, the understanding knows or discerns not, the will loves and wills not, the memory recollects not, but by images or likenesses: Although impure spirits do very often administer magu secrets to those who are apparently besotted with wine maggus liquors; yet all such communications are to be contemned and avoided.

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The loadstone possesses an eminent medicinal faculty, against many violent and implacable disorders. Now all those rites, which are elsewhere already by us delivered in this Book, may be made by the characters of any language. Retrieved from ” https: Excellent condition, like new. C and D, where C shows the former part, and B the hinder.

But there are those who venture to measure the wonderful works of God by their own sharpened and refined wit, whereby they deny God to have given such virtue to things; as though man a worm was able, by his narrow and limited capacity, to comprehend Omniscience; he therefore measures the minds of all men by his own, who think that cannot be done, which they cannot understand.

But here it is objected by many, that it falls out that in these tables men of a differing nature and fortune do oftentimes, by reason of the sameness of name, obtain the same genius of the same name.

But there are four kinds of true dreams, viz. But whosoever, on the contrary, languishes with a fantastic spirit, he receives not perspicuous and distant visions; but even as the divine sight, by reason of its vision, being weakened and impaired, judges confusedly and indistinctly, so also when we are overcome with wine and drunkenness, then our spirit, being oppressed with noxious vapours as a troubled water is apt to appear in various forms is deceived, and waxes dull; therefore those who would receive oracles by dreams, and those oracles true and certain, I would advise him to abstain one whole day from meat, and three days from wine or any strong liquors, and drink nothing but pure water; for, to sober and religious minds, the pure spirits are adherent, but fly those who are drowned in drunkenness and surfeiting.

Ti ringraziamo per il feedback. May show signs of minor shelf wear and contain limited notes and highlighting. The Golden Sayings of Epictetus.

Pherycies, the Assyrian, describes the fall of the devils; and Ophis, that is, the devilish serpent, was the head of that rebelling army; Trismegistus sings the same fall, in his Pimander; and Homer, under the name of Ararus, in his verses; and Plutarch, in his Discourse on Usury, signifies that Empedocles knew that the fall of the devils was in this manner; the devils themselves often confess their fall.

The other theologians say, that no devil was created evil, but that they were driven and cast out of heaven from the orders of good angels, for their pride whose fall not only our and the Hebrew theologians, but also the Assyrians, Arabians, Egyptians, and Greeks, do confirm by their tenets.

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Lastly, the very ardent intention of the invocator, by which our intellect is joined to the separated intelligences, is the cause that we have sometimes one spirit, sometimes another, although called upon under the same name, made obsequious to us. These are only about God, and rule not the bodies of the world, neither are they fitted for the government of inferior things, but infuse the light received from God unto the inferior orders, and distribute every one’s duty to all of them.


So it falls out that some profit more in any science, or art, or office, in a less time and with little pains, when another takes much pains and studies hard, and all in vain; and although no science, art ,agus virtue, is to be contemned, yet that you may live prosperously, carry on thy affairs happily, in the first place, know thy good genius, and his nature, and what good the celestial disposition promises thee, and God the distributer of all these, who distributes to each as he pleases, and follow the beginnings of these, profess these, be conversant in that virtue to which the most high distributer doth elevate and lead thee; who made Abraham excel in justice and clemency, Isaac with fear, Jacob with strength, Moses with meekness and miracles, Joshua in war, Phineas in zeal, David in religion and victory, Solomon in knowledge and fame, Peter in faith, John in charity, Jacob in devotion, Thomas in prudence, Magdalen in contemplation, Martha in officiousness.

Of these, Hesiod says, there are 30, of Jupiter’s immortal spirits living on the earth, who are the keepers of mortal men, who, that they might observe justice and merciful deeds, having clothed themselves with air, go to and fro every where on the earth. In the evil spirits likewise you may proceed in the same way; except only that you make the numerations after a contrary and backward order, contrary to the succession of the alphabet, and contrary to the order of the barrtt that is to say frwncis.


And these dreams need not any art of interpretation, as those of which we have before spoken, which belong to divination, not to foreknowledge; and it comes to pass that they who see dreams, for the most part, understand them not: There is also the name Ja,??

The Key of Solomon the King. The Secret of Secrets.

And this is the part from which barretg shall begin the calculation of vowels; and that vowel which falls upon the second star the same is the vowel of the second letter: But with what senses these spirits and demons hear our invocations and prayers, and see our ceremonies, we are altogether ignorant.

But I abrrett not disgrace sympathetical remedies because the devil operates something about things injected into the body: The tenth name is Adonai Melech, that is, lord and king; his numeration is Malchuth, that is, kingdom and empire, and signifies a church, maugs temple of God, and a gate; and hath his influence through the order of Animastic, viz.

There is also a writing which they call Malachim, or Melachim, i. The first of these is the name Eheia, the name of the divine essence; his numeration is called Cether, which is interpreted a crown or diadem, and signifies the most simple essence of the divinity; and it is called that which the eye seeth not; and is attributed to God the Father, and hath its influence by the order of seraphims, or Hajoth Hakados, that is, creatures of holiness; and then by the primurn mobile, it bestows the gift of nagus upon all things, and filleth the whole universe, both through the circumference and center; whose particular intelligence is called Merattron, that is the prince of grancis, whose duty it is barreett bring others to the face of the Prince; and by him the Lord spake to Moses.

The Dialogue of St. Greece, notwithstanding, thinks not that these are damned, nor that they are all purposely evil; but that from the creation of the world the dispensation of things is ordained by this means, that the tormenting of sinful souls is made over to them.

But he who could restore the souls truly to their bodies, must first know what is the proper nature of the soul from whence it went forth, with how many and how great degrees of perfection it is replenished, with what intelligence it is strengthened, by what means diffused into the body, by what harmony it shall be compacted with it, what affinity it hath with God, with the intelligences, with the heavens, elements, and all other things, whose image and resemblance it holds, To conclude, by what influences the body may be knit together again for the raising of the dead, requires all these things which belong not to men, but to God only, and to whom he will communicate them.

Truly, from a wound, the venal blood, or corrupt pus, or sanies, from an ulcer, being received in the towel, do receive, indeed, a balsam from a sanative or healing being; I say, from the power of the vitriol, a medicinal power connected and limited in the aforesaid mean; but the virtues of the balsam received are directed unto the wounded object, not indeed by an influential virtue of the stars, and much less do they fly forth of their own accord unto the object at a distance: I saw also the same man inscribing the name of another spirit with the seal thereof in the hour of Mars, which was given to a crow, who, being let go, after a verse muttered over, there followed from that part of the heaven whither it flew, lightnings, shaking, and horrible thunders, with thick clouds; neither were those names of spirits of an unknown tongue, neither did they signify any thing else but their offices; of this kind are the names of those angels, Raziel, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Haniel, which is as much as to say the vision of God, the virtue of God, the strength of God, the medicine of God, the glory of God.

In like manner some are called woodmen, some mountaineers, some fieldmen, some domestics: