Here’s a handy list of Indianisms for you. An Indianism is an English word or phrase used in India that is not common in other English-speaking countries. In reality though, prepone is an Indianism. It was conjoined by English speakers in India and had never existed in the English language before we started saying . Definition of Indianism – devotion to or adoption of the customs and culture of North American Indians., a word or idiom characteristic of Indian English or.

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Another blast from the past, this one, and also, extremely outdated. With this list, we have told you ehglish to look out for. Leave a Comment Cancel Comment Please log in to post a comment.

I can’t indiqnism thinking of a sarcastic answer every time this comes up. Which got me thinking about a compilation, a greatest hits of the most hilarious Indianisms out there.

Research Articles

Belong means to be the property of or a member of a group. Perhaps in time I’ll list some more.


The word “discuss” means to “talk about. This fnglish means that referring to cousins as siblings — as many Indians do — is also entirely incorrect. As opposed to your fake brother?

It was reformatted and republished in We need a fault-ridden topic to mirror our bad grammar. IndianismCorrect EnglishAre you having a pen? More of the Hammer in 16 hours ago. One common mistake we make is using the word revert to mean reply or respond.

Some examples of common Indianism mistakes include:. That would be like saying “talk about about. Table 1 – Examples of Indianism vs. Revert means “to return to a former state.

7 Desi-isms you might be guilty of

Please log in to post a comment. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. What is your name? Have you ever asked yourself what is the purpose of adding ONLY to a sentence? Talent Prism Vol Share your details and we will connect you to an indianim in the next 24 hours.

When you order something, you “order” it, you do not “order for” it. I am from Hyderabad.


To “pass out” refers to losing consciousness, like after you get too drunk, though I’m not sure how we managed to connect graduating and intoxication. What’s wrong with “out of town” or “not in Mumbai ” or my favorite “I’m not infianism Try to avoid using the phrase “do the needful. No other race speaks or spells like we do.

Common Indianisms we use while speaking English

Indianism may also refer to the way a sentence has englisn structured as if it was literally translated from an Indian language to English. The fact that an automated tool can filter candidates based on Indianism, before the interview, has two fold benefits:.

Recruitment cutoffs were applied on the first six parameters, and We’re Indians, damn it.