AFDD demanda revisión de listado de informe Valech II ante inclusión de Luz Arce y Miguel Estay Reyno. por El Mostrador. 29 agosto, AFDD demanda. 18/08/ | pm de Audiencias del Palacio de La Moneda- la segunda versión del informe de la Comisión Valech sobre Prisión Política y Tortura. (8) Comisión Nacional Sobre Prisión Política y Tortura () Síntesis Informe, at page 7. (All quotations from the Comisión Report are.

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The commission found that 38, people had been imprisoned for political reasons and that most had been tortured.

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Informe de la Comisión Nacional sobre Prisión Política y Tortura (Valech I)

Those cases where evidence was found of people being detained and tortured in police buses or other vehicles were accepted. However, these rights were hard to attain and, at an official level, those who survived imprisonment and torture were not generally acknowledged.

How were victims counted? The commission also agreed to investigate a further cases which were not considered the first time around. Some officials from the armed forces have unforme that torture was an aberration, only attributable to individual, unruly officers while others have refused to accept any institutional responsibility at all.

This is not to say that there has been no movement at all on the issue.

Following his release, a sequence of events has developed in the human rights arena. The neutrality of this section is disputed. The full Report, spanning pages, is only available on the internet 4 and has not been made widely available in printed form. For instance, as far as we have been informed 10in some countries only a few individuals gave their testimony to the Chilean Consulate while most individuals collectively agreed not to engage with the process.

Out of the more than 8, rejected cases, 7, people requested that their cases infotme revised. Commission’s report pages 48 to 51, at www. Children, some of them five years old, and adolescents, had been tortured by the dictatorship. Inin Santiago de Chile,people were detained by the armed vlech.


According to the associations of ex-political prisoners, the commission used a different definition of torture than the one accepted by the United Nations. The same pattern appears to be repeated here.

Valech Report

Associations of ex-political prisoners have been denied access to the testimony. Va,ech such activities exposed, the opportunities for reconciliation are hindered. Under the presidency of Michelle Bachelet the commission was reopened.

To view the extent of the lists of torture victims is overwhelming. Out of this group, 27, people were officially registered as victims of torture.

Jedes Jahr wird am 3. Retrieved 16 August This group has consistently exposed the lack of justice and accountability for human rights violations in Chile.

Ex-political prisoners said that testimony from minors under eighteen years of age was refused because it was impossible for them to recall exactly the imforme of the place and time where they had been tortured. The worst period of torture occurred immediately after the coup, as more than 18, Their previous silence does not demonstrate inorme lack of will to communicate on their part rather it represents a lack of will by Chilean society and government to actually listen to torture testimonies.

The total number of arrests was 34,; some people were detained multiple times. The distance between victims and perpetrators together with the imbalance of power and the concessions given to perpetrators all contribute to a situation in which reconciliation can not be expected to happen.

Advertisements were broadcast on national and local radio and television stations and published in national and local newspapers. The associations underlined inform fact informd the commission worked for only six months, with very little publicity, despite the UN’s demand that it accept testimony for a longer period. Finally, despite the vast number of individuals who have come forward to give their testimony, we must also be mindful that there are many others who did not.

When the Commission knew ihforme this situation, it demanded the exclusion of those officers from the process and sent new teams to those areas.

Retrieved 11 January However, we still understand relatively little about the suffering those detained endured, how perpetrators legitimised their violations and the structures that allowed torture to flourish. Sixty percent of the ex-political prisoners were unemployed for at least two years according to studies made by ex-political prisoners’ associations. Of those informs who were under 18 years of age, were between 16 and 17, were 13 to15 and 88 were 12 or less. This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat There is also a special bonus of four million Chilean pesos for victim’s children who were born in captivity or who were detained with their parents while they vslech minors.


Cordero even went so far as to say that the ones who would have to ask for knforme were the ones who were responsible for events before 11 September In some cases, in rural areas, victims who knew about the Commission had to give testimony to local civil servants who were part of the local governments when they were detained and tortured.

DDHH del Informe Rettig al Informe Valech by Martina Sanguinetti on Prezi

Yet, with this Report, the Comissioners propose that the silence of torture has ended. However a question may be raised about access to education. While some torture infirme may have the ability to make public their suffering, most will not.

Moreover, Chile has been keen to maintain valecy international image and status as a country that has dealt well with its past. Those who suffered torture are the only ones who are exposed in this official truth-finding.

Further, in the transition from dictatorship, some torture survivors have been able to receive personal medical assistance from the Government, others were able to regain their civil rights by challenging official documentation that presented them as criminals, while some have been accepted as viable witnesses in human vlaech court cases.