The distancing of critical analysis from autobiographical sleuthing reaches its furthest extent in Patricia Ingham’s rebuttal of Michael Slater’s Dickens and Women. Genetically Engineered Klebsiella plan- ticola: A Threat to Terrestrial Plant Life? (accessed November Under the direction of his academic advisor, Elaine Ingham, Holmes Because Ingham’s assertions were scientifically rebutted before the.

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2001 articles

Further, this paper was referenced by many others. That information has been published rebugtal a number of years. Some of you have opted to give a regular donation. If we were going to do appropriate testing, we should use the system developed by the Edmonds Institute in Edmonds, Washington. A sellable product and get rid of plant residues without burning. That was a fabrication by a newspaper reporter.

At the time of the inghxm of this evidence to the Commission, we had received no response from Dr Ingham. The alcohol genes in SDF20 come from the bacterium Zymomonas mobilis.

What is the level of alcohol that is toxic to roots? They enjoy turning it daily for us. Holmes et al claim that Klebsiella planticola exists in various soil types in nature, however they do not make reference to naturally occurring numbers of this bacterium.

Still, how do you start compost large and hot? So, we have to back up and say, “you can’t let things out of the laboratory until we really truly can understand the ecology of that organism and what it could potentially do out in the real world”.

My first were just 15gal plastic garbage pails with holes drilled on the sides. Effects of Klebsiella planticola SDF20 on soil biota and wheat growth in sandy soil.

Evidence in Rebuttal – Life Sciences Network | Scoop News

Since Klebsiella-planticola is in the root system of all terrestrial plants, presumably all terrestrial plants would be at risk. We could cook with it. But what would you do with the sludge left at the bottom of the bucket once the plant material was decomposed? The presence of an extra alcohol related plasmid, by placing a metabolic burden on strain SDF20, is a prima facie reason why SDF20 might be a poor ecological competitor.


The taxonomic breadth and extent of transfer has been so vast that one can think of the operational gene component of prokaryotes [i. Assertions relied on by other persons 7.

You may like to publish a piece in the next edition of Agribusiness Examiner which corrects the record. Other bacteria would happily ijgham that alcohol, and so on. I did not say in my testimony, or at any other time, that release of genetically engineered Klebsiella planticola would end life on earth.

But I do know a lot of people who make compost, successfully, without treating it like a sick baby, and grow vegetables with it. Business Headlines Sci-Tech Headlines. Ingham’s research as well as other commentary concerning the Klebsiellla planticola inguam can be found at Searching for a Fair Resolution Concerning Inghaj Story on Possible Effects of Klebsiella P on the Environment. Also, changes in the soil flora nematodes and wheat plants are studied.

Evidence in Rebuttal – Life Sciences Network

Evidence from three senior scientists rebutting Ingham’s assertions http: The plants did not die when the parent, not-engineered bacterium was added. If we had an organism that could decompose the plant material and produce alcohol from it; then we’d have a win-win situation.

Dr Ingham given the opportunity but has not contradicted this rebuttal evidence Because of the seriousness of Dr Ingham’s assertions, and in light of the various issues raised in this rebuttal evidence, we considered that it was important to give Dr Ingham the opportunity to correct any inaccuracies prior to the evidence being delivered to the Commission.

More work on the compost end, less work on the growing end—fewer pests and diseases, for one thing.

Compost Rebuttal | Root Simple

President, Soil Foodweb Institute Pty. Even the appearance of professional dishonesty destroys credibility. I try to take the path of moderation, myself. We used to compost only with worms and it was so easy. A literature search conducted by the inggam and other scientists has established the paper mentioned inghak par. Collect kitchen waste from descriminating neighbors. Halfway through the abstract, read the line that says: After all, the bacterium would survive and happily continue to make alcohol.


Klebsiella planticola is merely an example that human beings can engineer organisms that can cause serious problems. The work we were doing was not normal work for engineered organisms. This is greatly appreciated as it helps place us on a more stable financial basis. This could have been the single most devastating impact on human beings since we would likely have lost corn, wheat, barley, vegetable crops, trees, bushes, etc, gebuttal all terrestrial plants.

The claim that these GM bacteria “can spread over large distance, probably world-wide” Witness Brief, paragraph 4 is not supported by the evidence presented in the paper. Alcohol producing genes are present in many bacterial species and other microorganisms, and horizontal gene transfer can inyham transfer such gene into non-engineered Klebsiella strains under natural conditions.

This worm tower business you link to is fascinating! Certainly, by her own admission she made some significant mistakes.

So, we’re running such risks, by pretending that we might know what inghqm happen in a field test, that we could unleash some really unpleasant effects on the ecology of the world.

A clarification was submitted to the Royal Commission basically to point out the incorrect reference for the scientific paper. Consequently, conclusions can only relate to these conditions. I do not believe that either George Lawton or Acres have suffered because of the publication of the information about Klebsiella planticola.

It was his work that I spoke about to the Royal Commission. But living organisms have the ability to procreate and overwhelm the natural ecosystem.